Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hawaii + Chair =

LMAOOOOO! All those people looked soo uncomfortable while sitting on the thing!

"Works great on my abs!"

ahhhh, you have to love capitalism!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Double U, Tee, Eff

After several hours minutes of looking at this site. I've come to the conclusion that I, Sammy, have no idea how this site is even up....not to mention popular.

Haha, like seriously? The type of "LOL" that left my vocal chords wasn't one of "oh im laughing with you" but more of the "wtf, are you serious? Im laughin at YOU mang"

Click here to see the site by the way.

And this is what I do, late at night when I am not engaged in some serious readings about commodities (oats in particular) and statistical quality measurement methods.

Shoutout to anyone holding it down at Club Hayden! You know you're a nerd when what you did for the weekend is exactly how your starting the next. Studying.

You ever wonder what college Asher Roth was talkin about in that song?

*blogging break*

I just realized that this post has no point to it. Or maybe it has too many points that they all just blend together into a big post of nothing points?? Kinda like how you mix all the colors and suddenly are left with a black color....No?

Anyways...it's passed my bed time so I'll leave you with this educational video on self-defense.

EMBED-Self Defense Dorks - Watch more free videos


It's official.

I am going to hell for laughing at the contents of this website: tard-blog.com

That's right, you read it right. It's a blog where a special education teacher chronicles her daily encounters with special needs children (whom see calls tards/reetees). I thought I was the most evil person in the world as I let out some chuckles at some of the posts...until I got to the really funny ones and cried laughing. At that point I'm pretty sure the devil booked my ticket for hell (probably using southwest.com since he's probably cheap).

Please, either get really angry......or LYAO (I replaced the usual M with a Y meaning Your....clever huh? Thanks!)


Sunday, April 5, 2009

You Can't Start Spittin Without Whitman!

So Im starting to study for my GMAT's, probably a little late, but Im starting nonetheless.

If only the test was about just random common knowledge facts about history. I would "mos def" get a high score. But unfortunately its not :( which is why Im studying.....I should just become a rapper...or a poet...like Gemineye.

Or just talented like this guy!


Oh will you look at the time? I do believe it's time to go to sleep....darn, just when I was starting to study!! How inconvenient!

Oh well, there's always tomorrow....or not? lol


Kanye Dance from SWAY Studio on Vimeo

I wanna be able to say that he did this as a joke....but unfortunately....I cant. And he wonders why 50 cent says that kanye is of the gays. lol

Swag Rap.....(sigh)

Ahh, time to catch up on the happenenings of my vida (that's life in spanish for all my ingles only speakers). I really need to stop doing this periodic posting if I want more readers. But then again, Im cool with the ones I got now *insert awwww*.

Well, Chingy thought it was cool to come back and start rapping.....FAIL! What did he rap about....SWAG!!! OF COURSE!....oh, that was last year's topic?? Damn, you're a lil late on that one son! Maybe next time?

One of my friends brothers was in a freestyle and spit the line "i like big girls, with chilli on their billies....i mean bellies" and thought it was the hottest thing ever. The hilarity of the moment is the only thing keeping that memory in my mind. other wise it would be terminated faster than Terry Porter. lol, ouch, i know!

Figure 1: When was the last time this guy (Webbie) spit something hot.......(looks around).............(keeps lookin).....I'll be here all night!

Anyways....Jadakiss' last album = hot fire! I copped the cd using alternative methods (haha) but for good reason! THE ECONOMY! A brotha can't be spending that paper if there is no cash flow (no dj khaled) coming in!


I blog....

.....Like a BOSSSSS!!!!

Dare I say that SNL came with something funny for once??

Yes....Yes they did.

Like Bosses! lol.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My New Favorite Food

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (none of that white chocolate though!)

ahhhhh....sooooooo gooooood!!

nothing's better than eating the above while listening to some good tunes...like this one for instance!:

Just Friends (Sunny) - Musiq Soulchild

Monday, March 30, 2009

Late Night, err, Early Morning check up!

Ive been slacking lately in my posting. And for that I apologize...dearly! lol. I see my homie Jandito grinding on his blog and, as much as it pains me to say, am getting a lil jealous of the effort hes puttin in. If he can do it....then I can! haha. (yes...im a hater!) anyways, just thought that I'd let me dear readers that I haven't really been busy or anything. I've just been lazy and dont have anything worth blogging about.

I'll be back soon though! Just watch me!!!!

But it's 4:30 in the A.M. and I cant sleep. Partly because I'm thinking about certain things too much. Partly because I'm listening to some dope music by this guy named Mateo...check him OUT!

ahh..thats all.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

So I'm sitting here in the library (yes! the same one that I'm always in). I have no idea why I keep coming back here. It always ends the same way...I come here, get a headache trying to study/do homework, then mess around for a while (or a long time), and then go home after hours of what is either time spent well or time truly wasted.

Anyways...I was speaking with a certain female friend of mine and we got to talking about cartoons and why there are no black superheroes. At this moment I dropped what I was doing and was like.....

"HOLD THE PHONE! You've never heard of Static Shock?? Aka the most ELECTIFYING (pun intended) superhero evvvvver??"

My exclamation was followed by a silence, her just staring at me....and speaking a barely audible:


The intro done by the wanna-be baller Lil Romeo

Alas....Where have we gone as a people if we don't even know our own superheros??

I didn't even want to ask if she knew the great story(ies) of Catcher Freeman. (lol Boondocks all day!!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Teletubbies Go Hard?? lol

As some of you know....Im obsessed with the show Gangland on the History channel. Probably becuase it's about the history of the gang, or just the narrators voice. lol

With that said....this is the funniest video ever!

Ok maybe not the whole video but the part where they say "if you blood throw it up!" lmao!

Stay in school kids...dont be like these idiots...

why they would post this on the internet?? I have no idea. SMH!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's 4:30 in the morning...I just finished eating a bowl of corn flakes that got soggy (nice!)...I'm trying to study for 2 exams tomorrow...and I haven't slept about 20+ hours....


who the hell invented the 7:30am class time?? Damnnn! Can't a student get a break!!

Blogging>>>>>>>>>>>Twitter. Just thought I'd chime in on that subject, cus I can't for the life of me remember what relevant thing I was gonna say :(

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beat of the Day!

I was going through Illseed's blog (which i was just introduced to) and watched this video. Now im all for the show Yo Gabba Gabba, but how can you watch this and not think to yourself "what...the...hell is wrong with Biz Markie??" mehh, maybe it's just me.

Ok...it's not just me...is he high?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Black Dynamite

Haha, comedic genius! Plenty of quotables!

"I threw that before I walked in the room!!"

Courtesy of aTribeCalledNext

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Another Day

I have nothing legit to post on, so I thought I would just let you see what type of conversations go down when me and my lil 5th grade sister are out and about:

Hebah: Hey Sammy,
Sammy: Yea, what's up?
H: I was wondering...Can you play old McDonald on a keyboard with your eyes closed and an ice pack on your foot??
S: (long pause....) no, no i cant.
H: Oh haha.....I can.
S: Haha, wow...

Yep....thats what a 10 year difference can do to siblings.

That's all. Till next time!

UPDATE: I thought I would just add this vid we did onto the end of this post. Yea...we hood!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Made in the USofA

Only here could a afro-american go from watching this:

to watching this:

Welcome to the black experience everyone!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

John Witherspoon vs. NewYork

This guy NEVER ceases to make me laugh. He could just stand there and not say anything and I'd probably start crackin up.


"...That bitch look like 9/11....a day later. She look like 9/12. Tragedy!"


Some things can just be soooooo confusing!

That's all.

You Cold?

The other day in my 7:30 am class (yea i know...schedule FAIL!) I was doing my usual harvesting of songs available on all the music farms (blogs) online (yea yea..bad analogy, shut it up). Most of the places upload their stuff using zShare and a new policy that zShare's website enforces says that you can't have any ad-blocking on at all if you want to use their service.

Ok, I guess that's reasonable...since that's how they make their money....Deal!

Anyways, one of those ads was as follows, advertising the "Snuggie":

I probably laughed for like a good 10 mins when I saw this ad. A blanket with sleeves! Why hasn't anyone ever thought of that before! wow. *Notice the Dell laptop in the picture...Mac>>>>Anything evvver!*

All sarcasm aside, I really wonder who would actually buy it. I know I sure as hell wouldn't....unless they offered another one free plus another gift for free...like a book light or something. Wait? You say they do?Ahhhhhh.....They read my mind!!!

This is what I do in my early morning class.
Plus some of this...lol.

And you wonder why I mess around all the time....zzzzzzzzz.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Now that the ever so wonderful Spring Break is upon us....I'd like to take a few and explain how I will be spending it.

Doing absolutely as little as possible.

It kinda sucks being layed off and having no positive cash flow. FML *not really*

I did do one thing that was constructive. I registered for my final semester at ASU (insert dope dramatic music here). I almost shed a tear at the thought that I would no long be an undergraduate after the Fall 09 semester.

But you already know. As soon as I make that walk across that stage, I'm gonna take the job market down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check it directly into the Smackdown Hotel!

- my adaptation of one of The Rock's quotes. Greatness!

Night Mares

I had a dream NIGHTMARE about me losing my computer. I woke up in a heart beat as soon as that thought came across my mind and checked to see if my "BlackBook" was still where I had left it to charge before I passed out.

Sure enough...It was right there, still in sleep mode. Which is what I should have been doing if it wasn't for my twisted mind making me think my baby was gone :(

This lil story brings me to my main question/point: Do any of you have your laptop right next to your bed so that you can just easily get on and do whatever as soon as you get up??

no? anybody?

*sigh* Hi everyone, My name's Sammy, and....I'm addicted to my MacBook....

After 10 hours of sleep...

I want to sleep some more.

Welcome to Spring Break Sammy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Rob an Industry Hipster?

Damn....I haven't posted in a minute.

Kids....School is no good...

Anyways on with the show! Im not gonna bore you with the happenings from my past couple weeks except to say this.

Diarrhea is NOT the business! Ok, now that that is out of the way....lol.

I've been meaning to post this but 2DopeBoyz put it up before I got to. WACK! lol, anyways, i watched it again and couldnt stop laughing haha. Now while they put it up as their weekly "random act of Fu****y" I put it up as "yooo, this ish is DOPE!" haha.

This cat takes 50 Cent's (the old 50, not the wack 50) How to Rob beat and goes to town on Hipsters! lol

Lmao @ about the 2:01 mark about talib kweli. WATCH IT!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Video)

Ahh....2 years after hearing the song. The video finally comes out! Dopeness? What's you're opinions?

I say.....Dopeness!



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

K'naan - America f. Mos Def & Chali 2na

Man....I'm too tired/lazy to find artwork and what not.

But that line up itself should speak to you like "YO! YOU BETTER PLAY THIS RIGHT NOW"

It did to me. Trust. Lisssssteeeennnn!

....and plus Mos Def and Chali 2na?? Too sick.

Download link courtesy of 2dopeboyz

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Define Your Attitude?


I can't stop watching this video lol. Sooo many quoteables from the Bay Area BEAST! This guy seriously deserves his own show haha. Sound quality kinda sucks....but hey, turn it up!

I guess Mistah Fab did a song with some features on it called Marshawn Lynch......I haven't heard it but it's a Fabby Davis song so......I'll pass. haha, beat might be sick though! You already know how those bay area beats be KNOCKIN!!!!......ok i'll stop. Bye!

The Recession (No Young Jeezy)

Going back a few years....the economy's gone down further than Captain Nemo. *insert flushing toilet noise* It's pretty safe to say that we are in the midst deeply rooted in a recession

(Moment of Silence)

Sad Face.

The entire time though, the whole thing has just been a news item for me. Something for those old people to talk about on TV, a pain for all the working people in the world, devastating for the ones who've lost jobs and their savings. But little did I know it would affect me too. Let's break it down:

I have an internship at a firm that did good last year...no, scratch that...they did great! But now they've come around talking about voluntary layoffs. Ahhhh! That only means one thing: Mandatory Layoffs are right around the corner :( And me being an intern....have the red badge of an employee, but the rights of a Temp. Double :( "Sammy....you are the first to get laid off...GOODBYE!"

Arizona State University just got told by the state that their pulling the plug on some $80 million. Wow. State funding is going back to 1998 levels. How is the biggest/fastest growing University doing to handle this? Layoffs, program mergers/eliminations, tuition raises, and many other things. Great!! I'm just glad that W.P. didn't get touched...at least not yet. Triple :(

Im relying on the stock market a little bit more to make make a couple extra dollars. And it just keeps going down.....Student loans are whats keeping me afloat. Thank you federal government for you're endless supply of funds at a very low interest rate.

I'm about to graduate too....and there are no jobs. NICE!!! Quadruple :(
ahhh, we'll see how this stimulus bill does. Let's pray it works, at least a lil. or a lot....whatever works lol.

That is all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Queen Bees Can Dance Too...

Yeppp....the world is coming to an end.

Lil Kim is officially on Dancing with the Stars as the second hip hop artist to be on the show behind Master P.....What a great list, really represents Hip Hop now a days beautifully :/

Anyways, it goes to show that people will do anything for that paper (Lil Kim) or ratings (ABC). Honestly, how much longer will it be until VH1 gives her a dating show.....or porn star search. Either one would fit her.

Read the article here for more details and other confirmed contestants. It states that she's only one of three female rap artists to hold the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts......but it fails to state that she needed the aid of Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Pink to get there. She will forever be the biggest joke in HipHop the world.

P.S. I tried to find a moderately tasteful picture of Miss Kimberely Jones......but then I realized who I was google searching. The Queen *insert favorite synonym for slut*

Can't be Musty and by My Friend!

A long while ago, when I used to be a frequent visitor at hiphopdx.com (Im not a follower of the 2DopeBoyz), I came across this music video called by a "Mz. Peachez." I thought it was the stupidest/most ignorant/most hilarious thing haha.

2 million something views later.....Mz. Peachez song "Fry that Chicken" is world famous.

Now i was gonna write about this by my homie Jando stole my idea...afterrrr I called dibs on being the one to post about it. What a good friend huh? Sike!

Anyways, I hadn't checked her (by the way, I think its a man actually dressing as a female...adding to the weirdness) out in a while so i do a simple youtube search for it(?) and BAM!

It has like 5 other vids with another one thats got 2 millie+ views.....WOW. So anyways, without further adieu, I present to you:

Mz. Peachez - IN THE TUB

You can find me in the tub//with the bubbles//washin my booty........you hear me?

It's like 2.5 years old but hey...It's new to me.

Moment of Clarity

It's a wonderful day wack ass night in the nieghborhood......library.....again??

One thing I realized though, is that no matter how much I am a hater of school. I would much rather be stduying for an exam then being at work 40 hours a week. Something about the thought of being a college student** for the rest of my life just makes me sooo happy! haha.

Unless I work with these guys...then it would be ok.


**without that drinking ish....homie dont play that. but I still love college lol.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ayeee Girrllll!

Tell me she's not fine. I dare you too.

note: pretend the knife isnt there.

did you see her at the Grammy's? ahhh...playaaaaaa lol

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random....Idiots Edition

Congrats AZ, these 2 (Terry Porter, Steve Kerr) teamed up with owner Robert Sarver (not pictured), to ruin Phoenix Suns basketball.
Sad, if you ask me...Kerr is looking a lil too happy lookin at ol' boy though. (pause)

*shakes head at the thought of the Knicks roster in 2 years*

Friday, February 6, 2009


February 6, 2009 marks the first long night at Hayden library.....damn. And to think it's just gonna get worse....

boo :(

but on a lighter now. This is my 150th (can I call it my sesquicentennial?) post! I prepared a lil speech:

I started this not knowing what blogging really meant, but through the 2 years I've had this and through all the different posts I've had, I've come to realize that...quite frankly...I've perfected the art. Along the way I influenced others to start their own and others jumped on the bandwagon to be cool like myself, only to realize that they arent cool and jumped back off the bandwagon to assume their usual position of hater (run on sentance, but who cares....ITS MY BLOG!). I got/still get compliments/comments about my posts in person or through txt....yet nobody comments my ishhhhh! Anyways...I love you all.

And in light of this magnificent achievement....watch the video!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

so Random

What a great day today was.
Didn't go to class till about 3pm due to some sort of weird illness that only last a couple hours a day for 3 days.
Went to class and a guest speaker from ConAgra brought with him a grip of Slim Jims (gross), Beef Jerky (good), Peanut Carmel Popcorn (oh so good), and sunflower seeds (classic). Had a good hour and a half discussion on commodity research with an Indian guy who swore his accent was southern (......righhttttt) while snacking on free food. Not a bad day.

In other news....

Mos Def is back! It's the Boogie Man yall

ok, now ima try to do my homework....or watch The Great Debators.....ohh the distractions.

Im to Dope to sleep...

....yet Im too tired to stay up.

I wake up at 5:30 on Tuesday/Thursday, and at 6:30 M/W/F

Im only 20 years old

At this pace Ima be lookin like I'm 40 by.....age 35


Whoever invented the 7:30 am class can go to hell. (jk god....thats messed up.)

P.S. I cant stop listening to this song......

no homo

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sammy's Renaissance

Wow, what a weekend. I mean the Cardinals almost pull off an improbable (almost impossible) superbowl victory. (Shoutout to Santonio Holmes, that was an incredible catch)

My lil sister's game was intense as heck and featured a 5/6th grade girl on the other team that was atleast 5'5.

And last...but most definately not least. I am the Madden champ of AZ!!

Saturday night I beat down one of my friends 4 games in a row starting with a 30+ point rout where I score 42 unanswered pts. I have to give it to him, he hung in there only losing the next two by 3......but still lost! lol. So I'm 4-0 record wise at this point. Next up, Superbowl sunday. I beat down this guy by 20+ making him quit. Record: 5-0. Then I play another kid, he's up by 3 at half. I come back and drop 42 in the second half while shutting him out! Record: 6-0

Idk what it is but I've gone on two 42 point runs lately. Ima beast.

Then I had my first challenege of the weekend, I was playing someone I had never played before.....and guess what happened? If you guessed that I lost.......SLAP YOURSELF! Im the KINGGGGGG! I won that game too to put me at 7-0. If you wanna count the 2 in a row I had on my brother earlier in the week, I am 9-0 for the week! That's how you get it down baby!

It's crazy to think that I used to suck, big time, at this game. Then almost overnight it seemed like I became one with the Eagles playbook. I knew where everyone was supposed to be and all the routes. I was just clicking!! It was wonderful lol. I only have 3 more people to smash.

My cousin
and Akid

after I demolish the three of them (the later 2 are gonna be cake walks) I will probably be eligable to go into the Madden Nation tournament. I mean.......come on....those guys aren't THATTTT good.

anyways...just wanted to let the world know what game they should not challenge me in. Cus if you do, you will have your ass handed to you on a platinum platter (platinum is way better than silver duhhh).

Saturday, January 31, 2009

What up BOO!

This is the Med. Fry pod (holds approx. 127 fry-bytes). Mine was a Large. YEEEE!

Ahh, man. I have so much to say, yet so little energy to type. haha. But enough talk, lets get it in!!

Aight, the other day me and my boy Eazee were just sitting having lunch in the Memorial Union over at ASU. This sort of mentally ill guy who've I'd seen before around campus walked by. We as kind members of society say what up. Unfortunately, for us, this meant he would begin to talk to us about being a DJ and failing history class followed by this guy just dipping out in the middle of the one sided convo. At this point me and E were already in "wtf just happened" mode. Soooo, I go back to my large #2 from BK Lounge!! (Side note....never order a large. Ever. But the cookie is nice lolz).

Then.......the day takes a turn for the funny.

That guy previously mentioned walks up to a girl and stares down her fries. The lady is confused and doesn't do anything out of fear and theeeeeennnnnn the guy just jacks ALLL her fries! E was like "whoaaa mangggg, he just took all her fries! I look up from my FryPod (yea manggg) getting BBQ sauce on my face and witness the first ever Fry Jacking in the state of AZ. We were crackin up for minutessss (haha thought i was gonna say days....syke!). I dont know if it was wrong to laugh or not but, for real doe, if you were there....you would have laughed too. so yaaaa.

ok so that was the first thing. THEN...we go walk around campus, make our presesnce felt, know what im saying? So E goes around tellin random people he has a butthole and what not (yeaa, he bats on the other team I think sometimes). We laugh at some World of Warcraft peeps and mess with these 3 arab guys.

Anyways long story short, we clowned on errrybody and skipped nobody! Laughter was all around.

And today...Big shout out to the band Wierd is the new Cool. They really did thier thing today at Marquee theater. Best of luck to all of them in the future!

I also got word that I got readers in the OR (that's Oregon for all you ignorant *beeps*) and found out that the leader of the band I Never Heard the Bullet liked my review. So hopefully I might have some exclusives for the AZ readership to see what else is out thurrr!

Peace. And much love to ya.......boo! haha.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey, You!

You know when your teacher, be it math or english, tells you that if you run into a wall that you should step away from the problem/essay and do something else? Well that "step away" took a little longer (2 months longer to be exact) than I expected lol. For the most part my hiatus was brought about by my lack of motivation to entertain the massas. All 10 of you.

But I think I have everything in my life in order again. So here is to '09 and to the reviving of my space on the internet reserved for my creative writing. Blog just sounds soooo bland and plus, EVERYONE has one.

Im Back!