Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Never Heard The Bullet

Straight jacked from their Myspace page

I used to know a kid named Motaz back in my Oregon days and in someways I still "know" him by way of the great site that is Facebook.

Anyway, he has this band that is going around the Oregon/Washington circuits and making some noise at the same time. I finally gave his band/him a listen, and they can only be described by two words: Simply. Dope.

I'm not one to venture too far into the realm of rock music, but damn, if I hear good music, its exactly that, Good Music. At first glance they might sound like any other up and coming up band but, when you listen to their music you quickly realize that they are poised to be your favorite band's favorite band pretty soon.

The Members:
Motaz (piano/vocals)
Kaycee (Drums)
Tabor (Bass)
Jesse (Guitar)
Dustyn (Guitar)

Something that you realize when you press play is that...dude brings it on the track. Motaz's voice pulls you into the song and keeps you listening to the whole thing. His voice and piano work brings a refreshing splash of R&B to the otherwise straight rock song.

Seeing that I am going off their myspace songs, and that this isn't an official album review but rather an introduction of their music to the AZ market. I'll just drop the link to their page and let you go crazy with their songs and make your own judgment.

I Never Heard The Bullet's Myspace page
Motaz's Myspace page

Thank me later.

Blah Blah Blah

Ahh, feels good to be back. I hadn't posted in a while and I'm sorry, I didnt mean to just ignore you guys like that.

I know how much you depend on me to get through your day.

Anyways, the ast week of school was hexie hard and I should be able to put up my Random Thoughts more often. Like today. Just for you. Free of charge.

andddd, lets take a moment of silence please. The AZ Cardinals just scored a TD to take a 14 pt lead in the third quarter...ON THE ROAD. WOOO!

I'm calling it right now. AZ cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game. Was that prediction bias. Yes, Yes it was. i really dont know what else to talk about, cus frankly I'm speechless. I went to go get some pancakes...and the panthers just tied the game in 51 seconds. WTF?

Never again am i gonna leave the spot on the couch in front of man's gift to himself, aka the Television, during a cardinals game again.

Unless Im gonna go get right now. Peace out!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ode to Mark Wahlberg

I'm not even gonna write anything. I'm just gonna let his Wikipedia page do the talking.

But I have cut some paragraphs, read

On his persona early on in his career:

Mark's cocky, street-wise persona contributed to his fame. During concert performances, he was known for stripping to a pair of white briefs, gyrating his hips and rubbing his crotch.[12] In the dedication of his 1992 book Marky Mark, co-authored with photographer Lynn Goldsmith, Wahlberg says in the preface that "I wanna dedicate this book to my cock"
Brokeback Mountain:
Wahlberg was also considered for a role in the film Brokeback Mountain. It was originally intended to star him and Joaquin Phoenix, but Wahlberg was uncomfortable with the film's sex scenes and his role ultimately went to Jake Gyllenhaal.
His video game
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch had their own video game in the Marky Mark: Make My Video game series on the Sega Mega-CD. Using various effects, the player is supposed to produce new versions of the videos to Marky Mark songs like "Good Vibrations" and "I Need Money". PC listed it as the eighth worst video game of all time.
How did this guy go from a John Cena look-a-like rapper to one of the best actors in hollywood? haha. It seriously amazes me. Just watch the video below, his 1991 number 1 dance hit, Good Vibrations:

Oh wow.

And just for kicks, I posted the SNL skit "Mark Wahlberg talks to animals."

It's pretty funny, I thought, but apparently Marky didn't. being quoted as saying the following:
"Someone showed it to me on YouTube. It wasn't like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that's for sure. And "Saturday Night Live" hasn't been funny for a long time. They've asked me to do the show a ton of times. I used to watch it when Eddie Murphy was there and Joe Piscopo and Bill Murray. I don't even know who's on the show now."
- The Superficial

haha...what a character. no pun intended. lol

Dear God,

Help Common in his new relationship because I don't know if he knows what to do with that. Lol.

View his new girl...
View Him....

Speechless? Yes. May we all offer our advice to our brother and help him through this glorious ridiculous situation.

Biggest Common Fan.

p.s. what would their children look like? Gorillas? Grizzley Bears? Is that even possible?...I mean come on, look at has to be. lol

The Unauthorized Biography of Bob Marley (U.B.B.M)

Man, I peeped this at some of my favorite blogs and just cant get enough of how DOPE it is.

Shaun Boothe really went to town on the Nas beat (read: Unauthorized Biography of Rakim). And the story he tells is nothing less than ON POINT.

I'll stop talking and let yall watch it. Enjoy!

And to think...this is the 2nd of 12 songs/videos he is putting out! The first one was about the Late...the Great James Brown.

I think I'm more hyped about the next 10 vids than all those homeless/poverty-stricken kids hearing news that Angelina Jolie wants to adopt another kid soon.

Lol, jk. I know I am.

Oh No He Didn't......Yes He Did!

Seeing that I missed the final presidential debate this past wednesday, I ended up watching the entire thing on quite possibly the greatest website ever created.


While watching it though, I couldn't help but notice the following point of the debate:

Question - Was this the turning point of the debate.
Answer - Yes

I think after that moment of shear bewilderment on McCain's part showed that his highly agressive and (what seems like) pre-planned attacks, have backfired. Badly.

His facial expression just screams "oh dear god, he got me."

and so I, Shadow, will humbly say this on behalf of Barack Obama directed towards the McCain/Palin camp:


Monday, October 13, 2008

We going to the 'ship, WHAT! this was supposed to be posted earlier using my phone....but of course i had to press a button that deleted everything. I guess it was God telling me not to be stealing company time (read: the office episode last week season 5, episode 2)

It was a good weekend in football this past weekend. The Pats officially suck now, Atlanta is defying the odds and are 4-2, and the only clear cut power house is the Giants. And as I write this, they are having a tough time with the lowly browns. Gotta love parity!

My eagles came by HUGE for me. Dropping 40 pts on the 49ers...and that last Def. Td gave me the win in one of my fantasy leagues.....WOOOO!

The Cardinals also won in OT taking me back to the '98 Cardinal's playoff race. Damn, those were the days. Hopefully we can keep it going.

*I said that at the beginning of the year...but i just made if official*

We (The AZ Cardinals) are going to represent the NFC in the SUPERBOWL!! BAM!

And to all who disagree.....2 words.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weird Al Yankovic - Whatever you like (RMX)

After a long hiatus from the last song he dropped....Weird Al Yankovic is back! You know your song is a HIT when he jumps on to parody it. Songs posted, as well as the lyrics underneath it. Enjoy!

and hopefully T.I. doesnt take it up the butt like Eminem did when W.A.Y. did "Lose Yourself"

Hey girl,
You know our economy's in the toilet
But I’m still going to treat you right

I said you can have whatever you like (if you like)
I said you can have whatever you like (if you like) yeah, yeah

Tater tots, Cold Duck on ice
And we can clip coupons all night
And baby you can have whatever you like (if you like)
I said you can have whatever you like (if you like) yeah, yeah

Take you out for dinner, anywhere that you please
Like Burger King or Mickey Ds
And baby you can have whatever you like (if you like)
I said you can even have the large fry (large fry) yeah, yeah

Baby, you should know I am really quite a sweet guy
When I buy you bathroom tissue I always get the two-ply
Want it, you can get it, my dear
I got my Costco membership card right here, yeah

You like Top Ramen, need Top Ramen
Got a cupboard full of 'em, I’ll keep 'em coming
You want it, I got it, go get it, just heat it
Dump the flavor packet on it and eat it

Pork and beans and Minute Rice
And we can play Cribbage all night
And baby you can have whatever you like (if you like)
I said you can have whatever you like (if you like) yeah, yeah

I can take you to the laundromat downtown
And watch all the clothes go round and round
And baby we can go wherever you like (if you like)
I said we can go wherever you like (if you like) yeah, yeah

Hottest shorty I know, if you had some lipo
You could be second-runner-up Miss Ohio
Seven dollar bills

Up inside my plastic billfold
Buy you a bagel even if it isn’t day old
And you never ever gotta wear your sister’s old clothes
As long as I’m still assistant manager at Kinko’s
Cut your hair with scissors and a soup bowl
You ain’t got to pay me, that’s the way that I roll

My chick can have want she want
At Wal-mart she can pick out anything she want
I know girl you ain’t never had a man like that
Who doesn’t make you buy generic brand like that, Yeah

You like my Hyundai, see my Hyundai
I can take you to see your cousin Phil next Sunday
But that’s kind of far and I’m not made of cash
Do you think you could chip in for gas?
Mac and Cheese would be all right
But let’s send out for pizza tonight
And you can order any toppings you like (if you like)
I said you can even have the last slice (the last slice) yeah, yeah

Ran myself a cable from my neighbor next do'
Now I can get free HBO
And baby you can watch whatever you like (if you like)
I said you can watch whatever you like (if you like) yeah

And you can always ride the city bus
Got a stack of tokens just for us
Yo, my wallet’s fat and full of ones
It’s all about the Washingtons, that’s right

You want White Castle, need White Castle
Long as you got me it won’t be no hassle
You want it, we’ll get it, just don’t be a hater
If I grab a bunch of napkins for later

Thrift store jeans on sale half-price
The underwear at Goodwill is nice
And baby you can have whatever you like (if you like)
I said you can have whatever you like (if you like) yeah, yeah

Baby, I can give you anything you please
Even share my government cheese
And baby you can have as much as you like (if you like)
I said you can have as much as you like (if you like) yeah, yeah

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Another Lol Moment

oh god.

I really think this is fake.......but can completely believe it if you told me it's real.

Reminds me of that South Park WOW episode. haha, classic.

Electoral Sentiment

So as I was getting ready to go to bed, I was informed of a heated discussion that was taking place on the myspace message boards regarding this year's presidential candidates. Seeing that I don't have a profile anymore on myspace, I asked if the bulletin postings could be emailed to me, just for my own entertainment. What I read was something that was completely uncalled for, it went as follows:

"OBAMA= great speaker
HITLER= great speaker

both said what they needed to say to get where they wanted to get and then we found out all the lies hitler told, hopefully we dont make the same dumbass mistake those people did.."

Ok, now take a moment and take in the gravity of the statement.

Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Barack Obama(IL) being compared to one of, if not THE, worst leaders in the history of the world.

soley on the basis that they can both speak well. Excuse me? If you are reading this and are simply appalled by the statement, then you're not alone. By reading the statement one can only assume that the writer is trying to say the following things

- if you are a great speaker, and want to be a world leader, then you are like Hitler

I can speak pretty well, and so could Ronald Reagan......

Second - any politician who says "what they needed to say to get where they wanted to get" is a second coming of Hitler.

lol, in that case, leaders the globe over are Hitler 2.0's

Now hopefully this was just someone's idea of a joke. A sick one. But a joke nonetheless.

As already known I am an Obama supporter, and while I do not agree with everything he states, I do believe that his proposals are better for this country than those of Senator McCain (R-AZ).

This entire thread brings light to something that turns me off from political debate completely: People making wild/crazy/often offensive statements about one candidate or the other. Like I stated it could be a joke, which I highly doubt, or, more likely, people talking about issues that they are either vaguely familiar with or not at all. And this is what scares me about the outcome of this election. Too many people are going to go to the polls on the day in November and cast their vote for a candidate based on emotion/race/what the news stations said/who their friends(family) are voting for. That, that uneducated, borderline ignorant mindset is what is going to determine this election. At least in my opinion....which is the purpose of my blog

Thomas Jefferson's dream of a completely enlightened electorate is not close to being achieved if certain portions of that electorate still are thinking like this.

In closing, if your vote is going to be influenced by what I mentioned earlier....then you should not vote. If you're not smart enough to go out and do your own research and/or watch the many speeches and debates to form your opinion, your right to vote should be revoked.

Ok maybe not that far, but serioulsy people, this kind of slander isn't necessary and puts a serious dent in your intelligence level in the eyes of others. Simply put, that was dumb.

If I was to ask you what the economic/foreign policy of either candidate is in your own words...would you be able to answer? Exactly.

Good Night.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love Lockdown (Official Video)

During the VMA's this year we all patiently waited for Kayne's new song from his then (and now i guess lol) upcoming album 808s and Heartbreaks.

Then after all the remix's and and freestyles and what have you (all of which were dopeeee!!!)...I now present you the Official video for Kanye's Love Lockdown. YEA BOY!!

now that we've all obsessed over this song...I leave this message to Kanye: Bring on Heartless (newest single)....matter fact, bring on the whole album! Nov. 25th seems soooo far away lol.

Just another LOL Moment

So I was on Facebook the other day, just peruzing the internets like I do sometimes while taking a break from reading...and read this kids status....then read the comment.

(click the picture to enlarge)

I couldnt stop cracking up! haha, I couldnt believe that someone said this.

the people being friends to begin with was funny as hell too me too

Everytime I look at it, it makes me laugh hahaha. Enjoy.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I Stack me Pringles.

haha, so recently I started started to buy and sell (excuse me, i should say trade) stocks. And that ish is HARDD lol. I doesnt help though that the economy is going down faster than........I'll leave it to your imagination lol

It's pretty addicting though....matter of fact, thats what i did at work allllll day. Just pretended to do work while I had Yahoo Finance up watching all my stocks go red and the DOW going down 800 points. To say the least....I was sad haha.

But, it was just one day...and lets all pray we get better if not for the country....but my portfolio lol.

And speaking of addictions......I confessed earlier to fellow blogger YonZaDon.....I am officially addicted to texting. I dont know what it is....maybe its the thought that someone out there is waiting for what I have to say.

or maybe its the feel of the keys on my fingertips, as they pound away on them.
or maybe its the sound of the keys getting tapped, almost like the sound of popcorn poppin in the microwave
or maybe its the fact I have unlimited and try to see if there is some hidden limit haha. ok probably not this one, but that'd be crazy right?

idk about yall but send/recieved i had 6700 last month.....i was like wtffff!! when i saw that on the bill. But at the same time, i was all proud and felt like I accomplished something with my life haha. Ive kinda set that as my next goal...the month I break that...whooooooo! That would be dopeeeee.

Oh god...this isn't gonna help my addiction, its like a sickness....I'm like a texting nymphomaniac

*texting pause, will be back*

Im sure people have gotten higher than that...but i dont care, this is like a game to me now. It's ON!

You never thought that hip hop would take it this far

For how wack some tribute preformances were....this is still a great show in my opinion.

Im talking about the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards Show of course. I like watching it to see all the old school cats that nobody ever talks about anymore, but I (and many other wannabe old heads like me) still bump in my good old xB. This year's nominee's included Too $hort, Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty by Nature, Slick Rick, and a tribute to Issac Hayes. Overall it was a good show, except they could have done without the coonery of Flava a perfect world Sammy, in a perfect world.

*side note: Paper Trails by T.I. is the year's best album so far*

**side note 2: albums still to come in 2008 Kanye's 808 and Heartbreaks, Common's Invincible and Jay-Z's Blueprint 3. Atleast Paper Trails still has some time to get some sales lol**

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Laughable Losers

This post is dedicated to my cousin Abdulwahab, and to every other fan of the Chicago Cub(bies).



Technorati Profile


*Diddy's second verse = one of the best evvvvvvvvver*

no more point is self-explanatory

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Open up the vents

School is hard as shit.

I like working.....mainly for the dinero

I think Im trying to please too many people

Graduate school? ahhhhh.......

I wanna tavel.....right now.

I wish the stock market went 24/7, I hate waiting for the next day.

I hate it when people get emotional over dumb things in a conversation

I cant remember the last time anyone told me good job

Can i handle moving out?

Im too lazy to work out

Am I too nice?

Sometimes I just wanna stay home and not go out.....

and my fantasy teams are garbage.....except ESPN (thank god) lol

I just wanna get away for a southwest airlines

I think I got all of the emo out of me...haha.

Punchcard Promises - My plea for you to vote

Before you do anything....please watch the below video I found over at Yon's blog.

Ok, first of all, big ups to the celebs that came out and used their power of image to support such an important topic. Really, I commend them, they could have just easily not.

Second, this isnt a plug for/shot at any party. They spit the truth from recent events and as a means of motivation for yall

I have a lot of friends out there who aren't gonna be voting this election. It baffles me as to why not. They are giving up an opportunity to make their voice heard in regards to the highest office of this country and, in some respects, the most influential position in the world. Quite frankly, there really is no reason not to vote. I mean, It's not like you can vote for the president everyday. This is a right that had been denied to many and restricted to many more. After all of the effort put in to allow suffrage for all, to not vote would be, in effect, a slap to this countries history and everyone that worked to make this right available to everyone.

Personally I'm Excited as hell to vote in my first presidential election. and honesltly, yall should be too...whether its your first (like myself) or your 5th. Whether you rep the donkey or the elephant or.....whatever the independant party is. Go out in November and place your vote for who you think should be the next leader of this country.

You have until the 6th of october to register. So hurry!

You really have no right to complain if your candidate didnt get picked if you didnt even put your say into the debate to begin with. Just saying.