Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Recession (No Young Jeezy)

Going back a few years....the economy's gone down further than Captain Nemo. *insert flushing toilet noise* It's pretty safe to say that we are in the midst deeply rooted in a recession

(Moment of Silence)

Sad Face.

The entire time though, the whole thing has just been a news item for me. Something for those old people to talk about on TV, a pain for all the working people in the world, devastating for the ones who've lost jobs and their savings. But little did I know it would affect me too. Let's break it down:

I have an internship at a firm that did good last year...no, scratch that...they did great! But now they've come around talking about voluntary layoffs. Ahhhh! That only means one thing: Mandatory Layoffs are right around the corner :( And me being an intern....have the red badge of an employee, but the rights of a Temp. Double :( "Sammy....you are the first to get laid off...GOODBYE!"

Arizona State University just got told by the state that their pulling the plug on some $80 million. Wow. State funding is going back to 1998 levels. How is the biggest/fastest growing University doing to handle this? Layoffs, program mergers/eliminations, tuition raises, and many other things. Great!! I'm just glad that W.P. didn't get touched...at least not yet. Triple :(

Im relying on the stock market a little bit more to make make a couple extra dollars. And it just keeps going down.....Student loans are whats keeping me afloat. Thank you federal government for you're endless supply of funds at a very low interest rate.

I'm about to graduate too....and there are no jobs. NICE!!! Quadruple :(
ahhh, we'll see how this stimulus bill does. Let's pray it works, at least a lil. or a lot....whatever works lol.

That is all.


Reggie said...

Man who are you telling, I've been looking for a job for about two months...& I can't find one because of my availability. right now EVERYONE is looking for a job, & many of them are available full-time so they are getting the jobs...

& as far as the stimulus plan, im iffy on that one because I think it would help for the moment, but will make things worse in the long run.

Shadow said...

Then free up your schedule then! Duhhhh lol

Hola Jandito said...

You know what EFF W.P. Carey! You guys are lucky, College of Life Sciences is hella broke. Good thing i get paid from a grant cuz i'd be making peanuts right now

Reggie said...

Yes Sammy, I should just stop going to school.

You're so helpful.