Monday, May 26, 2008

The dirty is soooooo fresh!

I go to everyonce in a while and see if i know anybody on there haha.

But as I was going through the ASU dedicated page I saw some things that were even better!

Number one -

go to google maps and type in 6436 s oakley ave chicago, Il as the address.
If you dont see it right away, pan to the left a few times and you will see it. If you really cant find it, here's a screen shot.

Number Two -

If you ever wanted to know how to make some bomb ice this great instructional video, not only does it teach you how to make the sweet tea, but it also makes you feel like you've just been touched......cus your a bad bad boy....or girl............ew.

Number Three -

ehh, yall can find a third, im tired.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The True MVP

I was directed towards this video by one of my homies.....and thought it would be appropriate to put yall on it as well.

They should make every MVP candidate do something like this. Then who ever has the dopest video, should be MVP. Thats a legit thought, I mean, who cares about the regular season. It doesn't even matter right? am I right or am I riiiiiigggghhhhhttttt!


Note: This is fake as hell. Yeaaaaa, I got yall. You know you thought it was real.


Kanye West Back Again.

Respectfully taken from 2dopeboyz

That seriously is my favorite website this side of mine.....and myspace....and facebook....

here it is.

Kanye West - Flashing Lights (part 2)

And if yall missed the first installment.

here it is.

Kanye West - Flashing Lights (part 1)

Peace. Love. and Everthing else.

When you see me

Don't Touch me, I might burn you

Busta Rhymes - Don’t Touch Me (Remix) f. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil Wayne, Nas, The Game & Big Daddy Kane

click title to Download.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Walkin Hard in AZ

So yesterday me and my boy were at the mall and we walk by the Harkins there only to see none other than John C. Reilly. Yall might know him as DEWEY COX or "the other guy" (hah, I dont know his name in the movie) from Talladega Nights.

Anyways, we get closer and find out it really is him. Then me being stupid goes "ohhh that is him" all out loud...which led him to look straight at me (yea boy! im famous now haha)......look away and procceed into the theater, never to be seen by us again.

I then went ahead and texted like 5 people I saw him....none of them believing me though (they are wack anyway). It's all good though, I know who I saw.......DEWEY COX!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I feel blessed (UPDATE)

Well, here's the mixtape that I promised from Nino Bless titled "Untold Scriptures". This mixtape is nothing but heat with Joe Budden, Crooked I, Kool G Rap, Joell Ortiz and others.

And since it's free, slang it too all your goons, bump this right hurrrrrrr.

Tracklisting and credits for Nino Bless’ “Untold Scriptures”
1.) Intro (produced by Veterano)
2.) Da Livest (produced by Yes Sur)
3.) Peep Game (Freestyle)
4.) Times Are Hard f/Joe Budden (produced by Focus)
5.) My Piano (Freestyle)
6.) Means Of Survival (produced by Scram Jones)
7.) Going In (Freestyle) f/Grafh
8.) Name Dropping (produced by Sivey)
9.) 3rd Degree f/Saigon and Crooked I (produced by Scram Jones)
10.) When It Rains (Freestyle)
11.) Urban Legends (produced by Veterano)
12.) Ever So Subtle (produced by Gunz N Butter)
13.) Cause Of Influence (Nick’s Story) (produced by Veterano)
14.) Blame It On Hip-Hop (Freestyle)
15.) 4 In The Clip f/Joell Ortiz, Styles P & Kool G Rap (produced by Veterano)
16.) Bright Lights (Freestyle)
17.) Won’t Change (produced by Frado)
18.) Going In Pt.2 (Freestyle)
19.) My Story (produced by Blackout Movement)



I feel blessed

So today I got home checked my email and realized that I am now a LEGIT blogger haha. My first email from a certain publishing company (MAC Media), headed by none other than writer turned publicist Matt Conaway, regarding music came in.

When you start getting emails from places that are responsible for publicizing pretty big name artisits you are starting to make a break through In the game. YEA BOY!!! haha.

This one is for yall, to everyone that read my blog and enjoyed/disliked what I posted. Big ups to Matt Conaway for this one

The song is "Name Droppin" by Nino Bless. This guy is dope, dont sleep on him, im serious. Click on the link to download the song.


I'll have the mixtape up soon that this song is from. The mixtape is called "Untold Scriptures."

Thanks again to my readers and to Mr. Conaway. It's bout time someone realized that this here site was legit. YOUUUUUUUUUUULLLLL haha.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Music is His Savior, He Hopes

Just when everyone was well into forgetting him, the man who showed us why he was hot by dropping one sorta tight song and one not so tight song (like this).....IS BACK!

Without further adieu, I know how much yall have missed dude, I now present to you MIMS!!!

(insert empty room noise [is silence a noise by the way?])...

I got these over at 2dopeboyz, which is a great website that yall should frequent.....after mine haha. I personally like the millie one....the other....not so much lol. Just like his 2 singles from a while, this guy is consistent.

MIMS - A Millie Freestyle

MIMS - Driving Down the Block Freestyle

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Wanna Do Hoodrat Things Too....

Well well back for a record SIXTH time today. It feels good to provide for all of you wonderful readers *insert collective awww*

A while ago, I came across this video of this lil kid from Florida who......well just watch the video.

That was a couple weeks ago. Now recently.....hes at it again.

Oh man oh man....if this was my kid......loool, dont even want to go there.

This kid has some major problems if he wants to do hoodrat stuff with his 7 year old smoker friends at his age. Does this make him an OG? I mean, Debra Lee and Bob Johnson must be proud of this surprised he hasn't been brought on to 106 and park yet. ahhhh.....

Wowzers kid.....THATS CRAZY

note** - this is from 5 months ago.......I have no idea why i just left it as a draft and never published it............but whatever, i'll still let you guys read it.


I seriously think that perusing the internet is a art now for me lol. I just read an article about how a man threw his kids over a bridge in Alabama.

They all died.

The oldest one being three year old, the youngest being around 2 months.

ummmm......I cant make this stuff up yall. Its right here if you want to read it, . Fool just threw them over, just cus he got mad at his wife.

now WTF has to happen to make you so mad that you would throw your own kids to their death.

Anyway....on a lighter note. I had training today for work and some guy came and talked to us about retirement and what not, and it got me to thinking about what I should be doing. I know I'm a young collegiate but when its gonna cost me damn near half a milli to pay just for food for me and my wifey - I better get started NOW. seems to find its way out my bank account pretty quick these cus of this beautiful tool man invented called the Debit Card. Ahh the wonders of the DC or the CC (credit).

But yea, CD's, Stocks, Mutual Funds, 401k, IRA's, mattress money, other investments, ALL these things, are things that MOST kids have no idea about. Its crazy how you could go up to some people and be like I just put my money in a 3-year CD and they'll respond with a simply put "wtf you talking about" or "there's no such thing as a three year long cd,stupid, who the hell would listen to that??"

Haha in all seriousness though, you can best believe some saving of the dough is gonna happen. By the time I retire I wanna be able to be balling outta control with no worries (read: Dave Chappelle Skit).

Staying on subject though.....I dont think people my age realize that when they get older.....there isnt gonna be any Social Security check coming in the mail. We're gonna have to be living off of what he saved, and you can quote me on this think there are a lot of homeless people now? Watch, In like 30 years, see how many more people are cruzin the streets of Portland, Phoenix, LA, NY, ATL. End quote.

Moral of the story, save now, be comfortable later. Coming from your local Financial Advisor S to the A M M Y

Drip Drip.....There Goes and Ear-gasm

Once upon a time not long ago I heard some dope songs......actually yesterday, well just one yesterday....the other ones were (i guess)....not long ago.

......And I learned one thing.

Nas was wrong when he said HipHop is dead. or he was just tryin to know, get his Tony Robbins on. pause. lol.

but anyways these tracks will have you sitting outside the local Best Buy to cop these cd's when they drop..........or will make you go online and download them....

Whatever works.

Here they are for your listening pleasures.

The Cool Kids - Sup

Kidz in the Hall ft. Pusha T, Bun B, The Cool Kids - Driving Down the Block (rmx)

N.E.R.D. ft. Pusha T, CRS - Everyone Nose (rmx)

Bun B ft Lupe Fiasco- Swang On 'Em ---------------> My Favorite One!!!

Lil Wayne ft. Kanye West - Lollipop (rmx)

Oh, they still hate us?

Some grocery store owner thought it would be tight to depict Presidential hopeful Barack Obama as a monkey, Curious George, but a monkey nonetheless.

cool guy...........(insert mad amounts of sarcasm)

Sometimes I wonder if people are just wanting attention or if they really really really are being more outward with their remarks.

Now im all for talking about race and being open about it.....but not when the converstation starts with someone making a snide comment about another one's race. Comments that are feuled by stereotypical/racist thoughts. And those comments are usually said in a way where the speaker tries to come off as sincere.

Thats when I really start to get angry. Luckily I havent been in such a situation in my life, and hope to never be confronted with such a situation. In the mean time, I will just continue to hear/see people hate another for superficial reasons.

It's never gonna end is it.....

Aye baby girl!

So I was on my nightly safari through the internets [(c) Stephen Colbert] and I stumbled upon this article over at which was titled "Obama sorry for 'sweetie' comment"

Watch the comment being made, then hear the apology

I continued to read this article and could not help from laughing. Why is this such a big deal? Last time I checked, if you called a girl sweetie, especially in the tone he used it in, it doenst come off as demeaning. In fact its more endearing isnt it? I mean I've had people tell me not to call them ma'am, and thats understandable cus it makes them seem old. But whats wrong with "sweetie?" Does that make you seem too young?????? ahhhhh, this doesnt make sense.

Also, I know this is the presidential race and everything but every day I turn on the T.V. or read a news article, they are constantly pin pointing on something so small about Obama. I mean the thing he said about some americans and their habit of clinging to guns and religion........I didn't know it was cool to not tell the truth. Last i checked gun toting religious fanatics was just a way of saying Republican. Right?

After watching the clip of the video being made one comes to the conclusion that.....he was sincere. And the only thing that warranted an apology was the fact that he didn't answer the question. Which, if you heard the apology, he said he took care of and if she had any more questions - to contact him whenever.

Another stupid issue resolved.

Go vote in Nov please.

Evolution Theory is Real

Ok maybe not the one about how we came from apes and what not.....but the one regarding Hip Hop. (yep, i created it - now you will respect it)

First it was Hip Hop and Funk
Then Hip Hop and Soul/Jazz
Then Hip Hop and R&B
Then Hip Hop and Pop
Then Hip Hop and Rock
and now
I present to you, The product of a one night stand between Hip Hop and....dare I say....Country.
Take it away B-Cow
Show errbody how to Squur Dance!!!! YEE HAW

I dont know what to think honestly. I mean it was cool and I was feeling it till he started to do that thing at the end where he would call out a move and have the lil kid perform it. That got old quick and it took way to long lol. I guess more of this stuff could be cool, we'll just have to see where this goes.

100 dollars says that Nelly tries to do it in the next 2 years..........

oh wait. Nevermind.

oh and I got this video from my boy Donwill over at
yep the same one from Tonya Morgan.
The rap group.
I dont know why I'm talking as if I'm cool with him.
If only......haha.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forget Pre-Recording it.....


haha. ahhhhh.

Monday, May 12, 2008

In all Non-Seriousness


After much thought....and some ice cream....throw in some "The Office" episodes and most importantly, 47529487592873 lil Wayne songs....

Im Gonna Be A RAPPER!!

I mean, how hard can it be? If Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, ok let me be honest........practically every southern rapper.....if they can do it, then why cant I?

How much talent do you need to rap about cars money and girls.....thats like an everyday thing for me.

I work to get money....
I drive around my own car (SCION XB WHAT UP!!)
and I see/know girls everyday.

Plus the fact that Im a young black kid, throw in the fact that my parents are immigrants (read: Akon effect (read: i just made that effect up)) and i can rhyme too. Here let me break you off a piece of my skills

I go so hard, call me the rock
cus if you get hit with one it hurt a lot
i have a lil bit of gold and a pager
lay down the law, walker texas ranger
no mangers but got mad horses
up under my hood, fitted like air forces
dont make sense take a whiff of my insense
watch me work it out like recess
aye papi, thats what she says
birds nest filled with be-chez
all askin for sammy A
cus ima rapper, all the way, ya digggg!

See, I told you I can!! I DEED IT!!!! I can even beat these guys...i think.

its pretty simple actually. all you need is a thesaurus (or a ghostwriter (but thats for n00bs)) and a tight beat (preferably one that is stolen by way of Limewire) and a pen and pad (or a computer for all us Nerds)....give it a few [insert hours/minutes/seconds]...and BAM!! the next hit.

but alas.

I've tried that the past couple years, and have gone nowhere. But you have to be a hustler when you are a rapper, trust me, ima veteren, kinda like Tim Thomas. He grinded for 10 years then finally got his break and became a household name with the suns. All I need is that break, and Ima take off, ohhh man, just thinking of this is making me excited!!!!

anyways, thats what I think ima do from now on. Ima get more serious bout my career, no longer is it a hobby.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What's Hip Hop you ask?

Well, my boys over at The Real (ok i wish I was cool with them) will put all your grandparents in the know with this one.


and The Real.....Please be my friend!

(no homo)

MMM....smells like a...

Ahhhh, Germany, the home of 

(Former) nazi's
The Autobahn
and delicious Chocolate Cake

you can add perfume to that list too.  Oh I forgot to mention, this perfume is actually made to have a quite unique scent too........when i say unique I mean UNIQUE, like never before done, like so unique that no one will believe me as they (you) read this!

and with no further adieu, This new perfume is named "VULVA.".......................


Yep you read it right, this german guy has actually created a perfume that smells like your girl's down south. Here's the website if you dont believe me. Be careful though, this is MOS DEF not safe for kids/work area's/public comps. 

soon to come, chocolate dong, sweaty booby, and girl who doesn't shower......lololol. jk, but come one now. Does he really expect to sell?????

well i know one person who might buy it.......You know who you are Eazzy....hahahah, jk jk.