Monday, June 30, 2008

Akon Jackson

The one responsible for argueably THE best album of all time + My generations Nate Dogg aka get me on your song and you will go platinum aka im african and people think that sammy looks like me just cus we are african......come together to create this pretty legit song.

here...follow me down my page and

Hold My Hand
By Michael Jackon and Akon

click song name to DL. GHOSTTTTTT!!

Another 2DPz powered post.

I need to find another source before i start looking like a biter lol.


I wanna be the most famous Sammy on the Internet.

Just thought I'd let yall know.

That's all.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Yo Name Is??

It went from Nigger....To Nasir....Now its called Untitled.

Whatever the hell he calls it, its gonna be real nice. Atleast based off the singles he's put out. His last album....matter of fact.....almost all of his albums AFTER Illmatic were somewhat underwhelming.

But with that in the past....We are now in 2008 waiting for this latest one to come out. With all the hype surrounding it. I mean, the name contreversy that he created with the first planned name brought so much attention to him that he better live up to it. So far it sounds like its gonna be but, the clothing that Kelis and he wore at the Grammy's this year pretty much solidified the fact that if this CD sucks, he will be forever remembered as stupid and whatever goes with naming your cd N I Double G E R. But, if this cd is really good....then he will be called a genius.

Let the games begin.

Here's some cuts from the album click the song name to DL it:

Nas - Sly Fox

Nas ft. Busta Rhymes - Fried Chicken

Another post made possible by the good guys at 2DBz

Do you feel Him?

So a while ago The Game came out with a song called "Game's Pain" featuring Keyshia Cole. Now recently he said he was gonna put out regional remixes for said song.

But what we got was a 5:31 minute mix with MC's from all over the map. Which Is DOPE! I'm not gonna lie, even though it wasn't what I expected....I'm still feeling it!

Go ahead I now present to you by way of 2DP:

The Game - Game's Pain (rmx) f. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Keyshia Cole & Queen Latifah

Do Download, click the song title. Otherwise Enjoy, my friends lol.

Westcoast Sunday Afternoons

Ahhh, just got back from mexico. Detail's up soon. In the mean time, thought I'd drop this west coast banger from Phoenix's Hometown Hero - Juice. AZ stand up!!! You know when you get Crooked I on the track, its gonna be straight FIRE!

Click below to Download/Listen to the song.

Juice ft. Crooked I - I Do It.

Thanks to the boyz over at

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yea Boy! I love the Internet.

I was cruising the internets after work today and found something that brightened up my entire week. One filled of texting at work....and texting at work haha.

Ladies and gentlemen.....I present to you a Mixtape that has been out for one month already waiting for me to find it. From the bringers of
The World Is Yours

K-Salaam and Beatnick Present - NY IS BURNING

link to download after tracklist.

Here is the Tracklisting for all who care:

Official Tracklisting:
1. K-Salaam & Beatnick - NY Is Burning Intro
2. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Buju Banton & Trey Songz - StreetLife
3. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Dead Prez - Bigger Than Hip-Hop 2008
4. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Mos Def & Sizzla - Victory
5. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Young Buck - My Hood
6. Collie Buddz - Come Around (Beatnick & K-Salaam Homegrown Remix)
7. Richie Spice - Open The Door (Beatnick & K-Salaam Open Mind Remix)
8. Richie Spice - Marijuana (Politics Remix)
9. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Outlawz - We Want In
10. Buju Banton - Sinsimilla Persecution (Down & Out Remix)
11. Bounty Killer - Fed Up (If I Ruled The World Remix)
12. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Junior Kelly - Freedom
13. Capleton - Tour (Jackin for Beats Remix)
14. Damian Marley - Jamrock (High Grade Remix)
15. Dead Prez - Bigger Than Hip-Hop (Jamrock Remix)
16. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Outlawz - Only Life I Know
17. K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Mos Def & Sizzla - Victory Rmx
18. K-Salaam & Beatnick - NY Is Burning Outro

To Download -


Thanks goes to the good guys at Street Hop Magazine

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Before I start with my post...I would just like to add that Myspace is Rediculously Addicting. Just some FYI lol. Same with Facebook though. Cant forget about the book!

Alright, lets hit it!

Just got two dope songs from the man himself, Matt Conaway.

FaktsOne ft. Little Brother - "Grown Folks"

Fakts One has been in the DJ game for a long time starting in Boston and blowing up in the 90's. This song off his upcoming cd Long Range. All the production done by him with Little Brother providing some help in the lyrical department. I love the song haha. The flow is real dope and is just a niceeee bob your head song.

Culture VI ft. Royce da 5'9 - "Never Had A Clue"

THIS is HIP HOP! Big ups to everyone on the track, they all came correct! Who would have thought there could still be good music out there under all that Mainstream (beeeep)!!!!

I, personally, can't choose between the two songs. Listen and find out, yall won't be dissappointed.....YA DIGGG! lol.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Hip Hop vs. Wack Hip Hop.

Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy...........haha.

How is this even a beef. ahh.

LOL, look at his reebok iverson jersey......and how he name drops to make himself feel relevant....pimpin! haha.

he was dope at the show a few weeks ago though....oh well. And who the heck is that at the end of the last video? is that Ice-T's son?

this is getting funnier and funnier by the day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I know what My thoughts are.

what are yours?

Friday, June 13, 2008

What would you do with a couple million dollars?

I would probably buy off the already messed up Justice System we got after I pissed on a girl that is way underage and catch it all on tape. yea, that sounds good, i mean if it worked for Mr. R dot Kelly, why not me?


This is sad.

But what can I do? sigh.

Just gotta wait for his next "is this guy really being serious" song to come out and continue living.

Im still alive.

ahh...after 20 days.
still nothing lol.

I cant help it if im constantly tired. Yall just to deal with it.

Just a lil update on me this month:

- DUB Custom Car Show here in PHX was dopppee-er than I thought it was gonna be. I mean who would have thought that a line up with Shawty Lo and Webbie would be tight, haha. But I will say Luda and even Ice-T and even local "hero" Willie Northpole showed up. Big ups to Trey Gutta too for throwing down.

Surprising thing of the day....Ice T Brought down the House. At a family show, he probably dropped more swear words, cant think of a good analogy. But you got it haha.

- Glow in the Dark Concert.........................

do I even have to say anything about besides Lupe, N.E.R.D., Rhianna, and of course Kanye.

Greatest 100 dollars I've ever spent. Period .

- Roots show tomorrow......with Miss Badu also. Probably not as great as Glow in the Dark, but still mos def worth it, I mean, besides the fact that its gonna be 109 tomorrow and the venue is outdoors........Lame.

- De La is coming on the 20th of this month to Scottsdale too....See you there haha.

What a GREAT month of shows around here.

Oh and apparently RZA, Hiero, and even the granddaddy himself, Africa Bambaataa, are coming.

In the words of the Great Ric Flair....or Yon.....WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! haha.

idk what else, really liking my job, specially on the 15th and 30th of the month haha. Yeaaa Boy!

anyways. Bye.

Coming soon, Ima put together a mixtape of all of the A Millie freestyles that everyone and their momma in the rap game did. It should be fun.........on second thought, maybe not all, but most haha.

aight, now, bye

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where art thou!?

I dont know what is going on over at 2dopeboyz............but its kinda scaring me.


is the world over?? is that what?

omg omg omg....what am i gonna do????

COME BACK ONLINE.....make your website work.

or just send me all your music and what not and ill post them....haha.