Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kenny is the MAYNE!!

"Do you know what time it is!!"
"...It's business time"


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Music Drops

Anything and everything music is forever gonna just be mentioned on my music blog...(drum roll please)...


This one is strictly my personal one. From now on. We'll see how this works out haha. Anyways check it out!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mary J. Blige - Soul is Forever (The Remix Album)

I had a convo with my bro today and it went like this:
Me - You still have to go to that museum today?
Bro - Yea, it's for extra credit
Me - Oh what kind of museum is it?
Bro - A historical one
Me - .................ok, so what kind of museum is it?

haha, just thought that was funny.

ANYWAY, lol, I'm a little late on this one. Here's the new remix album by Miss Mary that leaked on Wednesday.

Haven't listened to it yet (still downloading lol), but im sure it'll be DOPE!

Much thanks to Culture VI, Enjoy!

01. Work That Remix Ft. Busta Rhymes 3:49
02. Just Fine Remix 4:18
03. Ooh Remix Ft. G-Unit And CNN
04. The Finest Remix Ft. Swizz Beats, Presice And Lil Wayne
05. One Ft. U2
06. Wake Up Call (Marc Ronson Remix)
07. You're Welcome Ft. Jay-Z
08. Sleepwalkin' Remix
09. Mirror Remix Ft. Eve
10. Reminisce (Bad Boy Remix)
11. I Love You Ft. Smif N Wessun
12. Come Close Ft. Common
13. Me & You
14. Be Without You (Live Grammy Performance)
15. Beautiful Remix Ft. Mos Def And Talib Kweli
16. Deep Inside Remix Ft. Mobb Deep
17. Im Goin'Down (Juice Remix)

Click here to Download

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Notch on the Belt

Concert Going Career consists of the following show's

1)Mos Def/Talib Kweli/K'naan/Jean Grey
2)Little Brother/Dilated People/
4)Kanye West/N.E.R.D./Lupe Fiasco
5)Erykah Badu/Roots
6)De La Soul
8)Roots/Gym Class Heroes
9)Q-tip/Cool Kids/Pacific Division/The Knux

Only names I'm missing are Jay-Z, Biggie, and 2Pac and I'd be set for life! haha.

The last one is the most recent one. And man the flyer only said that Q-Tip and the Cool Kids were gonna be there. So you have to believe me when I say I was thourghly surprised once the ever dope "ima f.a.t. boy, ima f.a.t. boy" hook started and the beat dropped and BAM! Out came Pacific Division. The crowd didn't know who they were and same goes for The Knux too. But they both came out and laid it down, amid little crowd involvement and REALLY Terrible sound. (smh at Marquee Theater)........on a side note, Big ups to 2dopeboyz for putting me on (i puttttt onnnnn) to Pac Div and The Knux.

Then the Cool Kids came out and did their thing. Although the mostly High School aged kids enjoyed this part of the show the most, it was only "cool" for me. Till they did the Black Mags song which is hella old but they were joined by the previous 2 groups on stage. So it made it dope.

When Q-Tip finally came on stage......he had a surprise guest with him (well, it was a surprise to me lol)...DJ Scratch! lol, damn that guy can DJ. His little 15 minute solo he had was niceeeeee!

But anyways....Q gets up there, realizes that the sound quality is horrendous (smh again) and stops his set for like 15 minutes until they finally got everything right. Which I'm happy he did cus it made his show even better. It was reaaaaal cool seeing a legend in the game still get hyped and going crazy on stage, he fed of the crowd (now mixed, old and young) and reciprocally we fed off of him. He even came down off the stage and started to interact with the fans by having someone finish a line mid song.

Case in point - During the song Check The Rhime he said:

[Q]Back in the days on the boulevard of Linden
We used to kick routines and presence was fittin
It was I, The Abstract
[Q doing Ps part] And me the five footer
And then put the mic in front of my face to finish it out with "I gots the mad styles so step off the Frankfooter"....but no. What did I do. I froze, completely blanked. Thank God it wasnt just directed at me, but the mic right there in my face made it seem like it was just me and Q *no homo* lol. To say the least I was embarressed and I know Q was disappointed, cus I was singing along with him the whole time! aaaahhhhhh, I'm sorry Q....Forgive me?

Ya'll already know though that when he asked to see all the bloggers hands go up....I made myself known. iRep TofaAA.

The show was real dope over all specially with 2K Sports giving away free shirts and what not (btw, smashed some kid in 2k9 with Kobe B and the Lake Show), we sat stood dead center in the front row....wouldn't want it anywhere else. Jk, that's a lie. I would love to be able to take a camera in there and snap away/record video for you guys....but alas, I do not yet have the credentials of a HipHopBlogger yet. In due time....In due time indeed.

As for concerts though....I think Im gonna take a little break for now, only really worth show coming up is the Wu-Tang one. And as dope as they were when I saw them earlier this year.....not really sure if I wanna see them again anytime soon lol *Jando knows what I mean*

Well, Till next time......

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forgive me

I know it's been 10 days without a post. It's not like I've been trying to ignore your desperate calls for new posts, I've just been hexie busy with con me trabajo y escuela. Every time I think I have a little break, it turns out being just a mirage lol.

Anywaysss, I just had to jump on and say somethings for za fans, the followers of zis here blogggggg!

1) Lil Wayne's new mixtape (Dedication 3) came out the other day. As ya'll know, my love of his commercial music is minimal at best. Actually, its safe to say that it is probably at Zero.

His mixtapes on the other hand....I can listen to, atleast all but this one, which was "meh..." at best. Auto-Tune = OVERRATED! (you too Kanye). To be fair though, there were some songs that were dope, and weirdly enough, the best verse on the whole tape goes too....*drum roll*....Drake on the song "Stuntin". Yes, that Canadian Teen Star turned surprisingly dope rapper lol.

Then again Wayne did say this tape was to showcase his YoungMoney Crew more than to actually spit dope stuff.....sadly.

2)The Office is really starting to go through a lot of changes. Michael breakin up with Holly, Dwight trying to screw up the wedding between Andy Bernard and Angela, Oscar possible trying to get at Andy?? (lol), Kelly and the Temp gettin back together....ahhhh. I love this show.

3) SouljaBoyTellEm = the one greatest disgrace to his generation since probably......I dont even know. Anyone who praises slave masters should never be talked about again. And yet I am talking about him right here........Damn.

He won.

4) The new Suns = GREAT!!!

Hopefully this translates to some more emotion injected into them....get those W's! And btw, Shaq = a Beast.

5)I recently got an interview done by the people at Culture VI, interviewing a real dope underground artist. Masta Ace (a la Juice Crew, eMC). Most of yall dont know who he is. Matter of fact, 99% of anyone who reads this doesn't know who he is. But for all of you purists.....this is a real good interview. Enjoy.

Interview With Masta Ace - Culture VI

6) These guys over at The Real always produce pretty funny videos....but this one really takes the cake.

Gimme the Salute from jeff on Vimeo.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A not so silent Revolution - Yes We Can

Diversity at it's finest

Just minutes after I posted my last one. I am back.

From the very depths of society to the highest office in the land.

380+ years in the making and finally in the year 2008 on the 4th day of the month of November, This great country of America voted in the 44th president, the 1st of African American descent.

It was an incredible campaign that also saw a women get further than any other women has reached in a Presidential race.

It was the most competitive and most heated contest in my short political memory. Yet, after all ballots were cast and the people of America spoke, the true voice of the people was heard; a voice screaming for a change on many levels.

It's pretty hard to put feelings into words but alot of respect for John McCain and his campaign for an incredible race. Conceding gracefully with a well spoken exit speech reinforcing his alliegence to the country and his unwavering support for the now President-Elect Barack Obama.

And now Barack Obama ends his journey to the world's most notable and most scrutinized office exactly the way he started it back in 2004 during the Democratic National Convention for John Kerry - with an incredible speech.

Let's move forward together, unified, into the uncertain future and tackle the problems that we are all having to deal with in recent years.

Congratulations America.

You did good.

Our First Time

Although it seems heaven sent//We ain't ready, to have a black president - Tupac

If only he knew how ready we really were.

I'm going off my blog from earlier.

By Our I mean our great nation called the United States of America.

All the trials and turbulation this country has been through, all of the conflict that many people were a part of, all of the questions of equality for all as stated in the Constitution, are about to come to the highest point in America's history. We are about to break a barrier that has been set above this nation's head for so long, impregnable by any who tried.

Until Now.

I do not want to get ahead of myself right now since there is still time and electorates left, but the way it looks like, we...WE are going to win this thing.

The first Black President is such a great accomplishment....beyond any words. But the path taken to reach this golden goal should also be noted as amazing. Obama brought together people of many walks of life, young and old, black, brown, white, and asian people, blue and white collar people....any type of demographic you can think off, AND even the crossing of party lines. Obama's campaign brought them together; unification of this country

My cousin, who before his untimely death, was the biggest Obama supporter of anyone I knew. The fact that he is not here with us to witness history being made is the only damper on the situation that is seriously incredible.

What do I feel right now. With the Democrats up 207 to the Republicans 135 in the race to 270 electorates, I am feeling a subduded sense of excitement. It's weird how I was so confident and yet so nervous. I can't explain it and I can at the same time haha. (stomach begins to flutter).

My first time.

Obama, Obama, Obama.....

At about 8:15 am AZ time, I stood at the little table and voted for the next president of the United States and damn did it feel good!

Me and my dad went and stood in line for about an hour and a half; We didn't do the early balloting because I wanted to experience the whole voting atmosphere (read: it was my first time!) and my dad didn't just so he could come with me lol.

Anyways, as I got the ballot I got a sense of nervousness, not because I thought I was going to mess up but because, for the first time ever a president of African American descent was on the ballot with a legitimate chance to win.

It was an almost surreal moment for me. I was all smiles. I finished before my dad and waited for him in the car. When he saw me he asked why I was acting all happy, i simply said 4 words in response:


P.S. - Some lady thought she could register at the polling place. After about an hour of standing in line one of the polling officials told her that she couldn't vote because she didn't register ahead of time. She got all mad and walked out. lol. Thanks for the effort but...come on now.