Monday, February 2, 2009

Sammy's Renaissance

Wow, what a weekend. I mean the Cardinals almost pull off an improbable (almost impossible) superbowl victory. (Shoutout to Santonio Holmes, that was an incredible catch)

My lil sister's game was intense as heck and featured a 5/6th grade girl on the other team that was atleast 5'5.

And last...but most definately not least. I am the Madden champ of AZ!!

Saturday night I beat down one of my friends 4 games in a row starting with a 30+ point rout where I score 42 unanswered pts. I have to give it to him, he hung in there only losing the next two by 3......but still lost! lol. So I'm 4-0 record wise at this point. Next up, Superbowl sunday. I beat down this guy by 20+ making him quit. Record: 5-0. Then I play another kid, he's up by 3 at half. I come back and drop 42 in the second half while shutting him out! Record: 6-0

Idk what it is but I've gone on two 42 point runs lately. Ima beast.

Then I had my first challenege of the weekend, I was playing someone I had never played before.....and guess what happened? If you guessed that I lost.......SLAP YOURSELF! Im the KINGGGGGG! I won that game too to put me at 7-0. If you wanna count the 2 in a row I had on my brother earlier in the week, I am 9-0 for the week! That's how you get it down baby!

It's crazy to think that I used to suck, big time, at this game. Then almost overnight it seemed like I became one with the Eagles playbook. I knew where everyone was supposed to be and all the routes. I was just clicking!! It was wonderful lol. I only have 3 more people to smash.

My cousin
and Akid

after I demolish the three of them (the later 2 are gonna be cake walks) I will probably be eligable to go into the Madden Nation tournament. I mean.......come on....those guys aren't THATTTT good.

anyways...just wanted to let the world know what game they should not challenge me in. Cus if you do, you will have your ass handed to you on a platinum platter (platinum is way better than silver duhhh).

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