Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Rob an Industry Hipster?

Damn....I haven't posted in a minute.

Kids....School is no good...

Anyways on with the show! Im not gonna bore you with the happenings from my past couple weeks except to say this.

Diarrhea is NOT the business! Ok, now that that is out of the way....lol.

I've been meaning to post this but 2DopeBoyz put it up before I got to. WACK! lol, anyways, i watched it again and couldnt stop laughing haha. Now while they put it up as their weekly "random act of Fu****y" I put it up as "yooo, this ish is DOPE!" haha.

This cat takes 50 Cent's (the old 50, not the wack 50) How to Rob beat and goes to town on Hipsters! lol

Lmao @ about the 2:01 mark about talib kweli. WATCH IT!


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Hola Jandito said...

Hey whats wrong with Hipster rap. I hate that labeling. If anything they keep it real by not writing about money, cocaine, or cars (Driving down the block is about Hoopties not bad ass whips).