Saturday, January 31, 2009

What up BOO!

This is the Med. Fry pod (holds approx. 127 fry-bytes). Mine was a Large. YEEEE!

Ahh, man. I have so much to say, yet so little energy to type. haha. But enough talk, lets get it in!!

Aight, the other day me and my boy Eazee were just sitting having lunch in the Memorial Union over at ASU. This sort of mentally ill guy who've I'd seen before around campus walked by. We as kind members of society say what up. Unfortunately, for us, this meant he would begin to talk to us about being a DJ and failing history class followed by this guy just dipping out in the middle of the one sided convo. At this point me and E were already in "wtf just happened" mode. Soooo, I go back to my large #2 from BK Lounge!! (Side note....never order a large. Ever. But the cookie is nice lolz).

Then.......the day takes a turn for the funny.

That guy previously mentioned walks up to a girl and stares down her fries. The lady is confused and doesn't do anything out of fear and theeeeeennnnnn the guy just jacks ALLL her fries! E was like "whoaaa mangggg, he just took all her fries! I look up from my FryPod (yea manggg) getting BBQ sauce on my face and witness the first ever Fry Jacking in the state of AZ. We were crackin up for minutessss (haha thought i was gonna say days....syke!). I dont know if it was wrong to laugh or not but, for real doe, if you were would have laughed too. so yaaaa.

ok so that was the first thing. THEN...we go walk around campus, make our presesnce felt, know what im saying? So E goes around tellin random people he has a butthole and what not (yeaa, he bats on the other team I think sometimes). We laugh at some World of Warcraft peeps and mess with these 3 arab guys.

Anyways long story short, we clowned on errrybody and skipped nobody! Laughter was all around.

And today...Big shout out to the band Wierd is the new Cool. They really did thier thing today at Marquee theater. Best of luck to all of them in the future!

I also got word that I got readers in the OR (that's Oregon for all you ignorant *beeps*) and found out that the leader of the band I Never Heard the Bullet liked my review. So hopefully I might have some exclusives for the AZ readership to see what else is out thurrr!

Peace. And much love to! haha.

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