Friday, February 6, 2009


February 6, 2009 marks the first long night at Hayden library.....damn. And to think it's just gonna get worse....

boo :(

but on a lighter now. This is my 150th (can I call it my sesquicentennial?) post! I prepared a lil speech:

I started this not knowing what blogging really meant, but through the 2 years I've had this and through all the different posts I've had, I've come to realize that...quite frankly...I've perfected the art. Along the way I influenced others to start their own and others jumped on the bandwagon to be cool like myself, only to realize that they arent cool and jumped back off the bandwagon to assume their usual position of hater (run on sentance, but who cares....ITS MY BLOG!). I got/still get compliments/comments about my posts in person or through txt....yet nobody comments my ishhhhh! Anyways...I love you all.

And in light of this magnificent the video!

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