Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swag Rap.....(sigh)

Ahh, time to catch up on the happenenings of my vida (that's life in spanish for all my ingles only speakers). I really need to stop doing this periodic posting if I want more readers. But then again, Im cool with the ones I got now *insert awwww*.

Well, Chingy thought it was cool to come back and start rapping.....FAIL! What did he rap about....SWAG!!! OF COURSE!....oh, that was last year's topic?? Damn, you're a lil late on that one son! Maybe next time?

One of my friends brothers was in a freestyle and spit the line "i like big girls, with chilli on their billies....i mean bellies" and thought it was the hottest thing ever. The hilarity of the moment is the only thing keeping that memory in my mind. other wise it would be terminated faster than Terry Porter. lol, ouch, i know!

Figure 1: When was the last time this guy (Webbie) spit something hot.......(looks around).............(keeps lookin).....I'll be here all night!

Anyways....Jadakiss' last album = hot fire! I copped the cd using alternative methods (haha) but for good reason! THE ECONOMY! A brotha can't be spending that paper if there is no cash flow (no dj khaled) coming in!



Hola Jandito said...

if theres anything you're good at, its getting albums/ music via different means.............................LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"and i ride a white stallion from my bedroom to my toilet"..COMEDY (i stole lanas word) lol but that made my day even better than it was before! thanks!