Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

So I'm sitting here in the library (yes! the same one that I'm always in). I have no idea why I keep coming back here. It always ends the same way...I come here, get a headache trying to study/do homework, then mess around for a while (or a long time), and then go home after hours of what is either time spent well or time truly wasted.

Anyways...I was speaking with a certain female friend of mine and we got to talking about cartoons and why there are no black superheroes. At this moment I dropped what I was doing and was like.....

"HOLD THE PHONE! You've never heard of Static Shock?? Aka the most ELECTIFYING (pun intended) superhero evvvvver??"

My exclamation was followed by a silence, her just staring at me....and speaking a barely audible:


The intro done by the wanna-be baller Lil Romeo

Alas....Where have we gone as a people if we don't even know our own superheros??

I didn't even want to ask if she knew the great story(ies) of Catcher Freeman. (lol Boondocks all day!!)


Anonymous said...

First of all! who is your certian female friend? just wondering! and second of all not all black people watch pointless cartoons that have nothing to do with anything! you need to get it straight and stop promoting that black on black crime! start watching the little asain dora the explorer and learn chinese! thats enteriatining and educational! and we al know that yo need some education in you life! anyway go back to your tight pants, kayne west and vitamin water!!!

Anonymous said...

"where have we gone as a people if we dont even know our superheros?"......seriously? wow! we are going to fight! do you not have an obama shirt? do you not know the president is black? i was highly offened by that comment! it just added to you ignorance and made you previous post even worse! like i said watch out! because you never know! dont be wearing red or blue boy! i like how you claim that you are black...you may be dark...but BOY you arent black! wooo glad i got that off my chest! lol! bye!

Hola Jandito said...

haha i dont think this person likes you sammy. they dont know sammy is just kidding mang.

P.S. I remember reading about Catcher Freeman in American History. Greatest Super hero period he killed slave drivers. true definition of a hero

Anonymous said...

wow! Hola Jandito you are completly right! i dont like sammy! and the funny thing is i know him all too well! haha! just kidding!...kinda!

Saed said...

A yo Mr.anonymous first Suuuuuwuuuuuu and/or BK all day depending on your gang status i just want to say none of the bad guys on statik shock are black so how is that promoting black on black crime!!!---

a yo jandito we bang on haters

"my president is black my lambo is blue"-Jay Z(for you Squares that dont know tha name)


Anonymous said...

first of all thats Miss Anonymous!Second of all SSSSSUUUUWUUUUUU! haha! third, all the freaking criminals on static shock are black! ask sammy to show you the video that he showed me!im pretty sure that thats black on black crime! except for one of the criminals who wasnt black...but we wont go there cuz i dont have to be be talking on black on white crime!

Im glad you know that song....even tho its kinda ignorant and makes black people look just as ghetto as we did in those videos dear old sammy posted with the teletubbies and the shooting in the parking lot! but i will let your knowledge of that song slide because im sure sammy introduced it to you because he thought it was "cool" and it made him seem hard that he listened to it! i just hope that your young mind continues to be filled with knowledge that will help you excell in the future and not all this hipity hopity stuff!!! haha wow now im starting to sound like old man sammy....

SUUUUUWUUUUUUUUUU!!! (as i ride around on apache and normal in my red car with the windows down listening to lil wayne!)

Ashley said...

first of all, the boondocks is the best and Huey Freeman is my hero...2nd the green lantern is a black superhero even though sometimes they have the green lantern being some white guy too, but the black green lantern has a way better attitude...I think they are going to make a real-life movie having Common star as the green lantern (most likely a rumor).

Oh and you forgot Zach the power ranger who ironically was the Black power ranger lmao! How many black guys do you know are named Zach? really?

Saed said...

so..... no "hipity hopity stuff!!!"said tha girl named lauren

im thinkin that you're contradicting your self with this quote"SUUUUUWUUUUUUUUUU!!! (as i ride around on apache and normal in my red car with the windows down listening to 'LIL WAYNE')"

Anonymous said...

okay saed you got me! i contradicted myself! lol but i only said that because your brother was on normal and apache screaming suuuuwuuuuu! tryin to get me shot! lol! if only he was wearing a red shirt....it would have all been over for him! i dont say us because i woulda ran lol!

Hola Jandito said...

i still think SpiderMan is the best hero...cuz hes white LOL i kid i kid.

But really Spidy gets my pick