Thursday, February 5, 2009

so Random

What a great day today was.
Didn't go to class till about 3pm due to some sort of weird illness that only last a couple hours a day for 3 days.
Went to class and a guest speaker from ConAgra brought with him a grip of Slim Jims (gross), Beef Jerky (good), Peanut Carmel Popcorn (oh so good), and sunflower seeds (classic). Had a good hour and a half discussion on commodity research with an Indian guy who swore his accent was southern (......righhttttt) while snacking on free food. Not a bad day.

In other news....

Mos Def is back! It's the Boogie Man yall

ok, now ima try to do my homework....or watch The Great Debators.....ohh the distractions.

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