Saturday, March 7, 2009

You Cold?

The other day in my 7:30 am class (yea i know...schedule FAIL!) I was doing my usual harvesting of songs available on all the music farms (blogs) online (yea yea..bad analogy, shut it up). Most of the places upload their stuff using zShare and a new policy that zShare's website enforces says that you can't have any ad-blocking on at all if you want to use their service.

Ok, I guess that's reasonable...since that's how they make their money....Deal!

Anyways, one of those ads was as follows, advertising the "Snuggie":

I probably laughed for like a good 10 mins when I saw this ad. A blanket with sleeves! Why hasn't anyone ever thought of that before! wow. *Notice the Dell laptop in the picture...Mac>>>>Anything evvver!*

All sarcasm aside, I really wonder who would actually buy it. I know I sure as hell wouldn't....unless they offered another one free plus another gift for a book light or something. Wait? You say they do?Ahhhhhh.....They read my mind!!!

This is what I do in my early morning class.
Plus some of

And you wonder why I mess around all the time....zzzzzzzzz.


Reggie said...

Oddly enough, me & moms were watching Oprah last night, and the creater of the snuggie was on there. He said they have sold millions of them......i was flabbergasted.

Sammy said...

Haha, for real? Thats crazyyy!

and +3 points for you for using the word "flabbergasted." lol