Monday, April 6, 2009

Double U, Tee, Eff

After several hours minutes of looking at this site. I've come to the conclusion that I, Sammy, have no idea how this site is even up....not to mention popular.

Haha, like seriously? The type of "LOL" that left my vocal chords wasn't one of "oh im laughing with you" but more of the "wtf, are you serious? Im laughin at YOU mang"

Click here to see the site by the way.

And this is what I do, late at night when I am not engaged in some serious readings about commodities (oats in particular) and statistical quality measurement methods.

Shoutout to anyone holding it down at Club Hayden! You know you're a nerd when what you did for the weekend is exactly how your starting the next. Studying.

You ever wonder what college Asher Roth was talkin about in that song?

*blogging break*

I just realized that this post has no point to it. Or maybe it has too many points that they all just blend together into a big post of nothing points?? Kinda like how you mix all the colors and suddenly are left with a black color....No?'s passed my bed time so I'll leave you with this educational video on self-defense.

EMBED-Self Defense Dorks - Watch more free videos


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