Monday, February 9, 2009

Can't be Musty and by My Friend!

A long while ago, when I used to be a frequent visitor at (Im not a follower of the 2DopeBoyz), I came across this music video called by a "Mz. Peachez." I thought it was the stupidest/most ignorant/most hilarious thing haha.

2 million something views later.....Mz. Peachez song "Fry that Chicken" is world famous.

Now i was gonna write about this by my homie Jando stole my idea...afterrrr I called dibs on being the one to post about it. What a good friend huh? Sike!

Anyways, I hadn't checked her (by the way, I think its a man actually dressing as a female...adding to the weirdness) out in a while so i do a simple youtube search for it(?) and BAM!

It has like 5 other vids with another one thats got 2 millie+ views.....WOW. So anyways, without further adieu, I present to you:

Mz. Peachez - IN THE TUB

You can find me in the tub//with the bubbles//washin my hear me?

It's like 2.5 years old but hey...It's new to me.


Hola Jandito said...

yup...s/he will forever haunt my nights *shudders* i need to take a bath in some hot bleach water

Shadow said...

hahahahahahahaha......I like that


That's gonna be the new internet word homie. You're the father of "s/he"....what a way to make an impression on history. lol