Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I feel blessed

So today I got home checked my email and realized that I am now a LEGIT blogger haha. My first email from a certain publishing company (MAC Media), headed by none other than writer turned publicist Matt Conaway, regarding music came in.

When you start getting emails from places that are responsible for publicizing pretty big name artisits you are starting to make a break through In the game. YEA BOY!!! haha.

This one is for yall, to everyone that read my blog and enjoyed/disliked what I posted. Big ups to Matt Conaway for this one

The song is "Name Droppin" by Nino Bless. This guy is dope, dont sleep on him, im serious. Click on the link to download the song.


I'll have the mixtape up soon that this song is from. The mixtape is called "Untold Scriptures."

Thanks again to my readers and to Mr. Conaway. It's bout time someone realized that this here site was legit. YOUUUUUUUUUUULLLLL haha.

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saed said...

this is how we do it bro
yo big ups on ur ummmm.... whats the word im looking for the uuhhhhh..... founding of ur website