Monday, May 12, 2008

In all Non-Seriousness


After much thought....and some ice cream....throw in some "The Office" episodes and most importantly, 47529487592873 lil Wayne songs....

Im Gonna Be A RAPPER!!

I mean, how hard can it be? If Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, ok let me be honest........practically every southern rapper.....if they can do it, then why cant I?

How much talent do you need to rap about cars money and girls.....thats like an everyday thing for me.

I work to get money....
I drive around my own car (SCION XB WHAT UP!!)
and I see/know girls everyday.

Plus the fact that Im a young black kid, throw in the fact that my parents are immigrants (read: Akon effect (read: i just made that effect up)) and i can rhyme too. Here let me break you off a piece of my skills

I go so hard, call me the rock
cus if you get hit with one it hurt a lot
i have a lil bit of gold and a pager
lay down the law, walker texas ranger
no mangers but got mad horses
up under my hood, fitted like air forces
dont make sense take a whiff of my insense
watch me work it out like recess
aye papi, thats what she says
birds nest filled with be-chez
all askin for sammy A
cus ima rapper, all the way, ya digggg!

See, I told you I can!! I DEED IT!!!! I can even beat these guys...i think.

its pretty simple actually. all you need is a thesaurus (or a ghostwriter (but thats for n00bs)) and a tight beat (preferably one that is stolen by way of Limewire) and a pen and pad (or a computer for all us Nerds)....give it a few [insert hours/minutes/seconds]...and BAM!! the next hit.

but alas.

I've tried that the past couple years, and have gone nowhere. But you have to be a hustler when you are a rapper, trust me, ima veteren, kinda like Tim Thomas. He grinded for 10 years then finally got his break and became a household name with the suns. All I need is that break, and Ima take off, ohhh man, just thinking of this is making me excited!!!!

anyways, thats what I think ima do from now on. Ima get more serious bout my career, no longer is it a hobby.

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