Monday, May 5, 2008

MMM....smells like a...

Ahhhh, Germany, the home of 

(Former) nazi's
The Autobahn
and delicious Chocolate Cake

you can add perfume to that list too.  Oh I forgot to mention, this perfume is actually made to have a quite unique scent too........when i say unique I mean UNIQUE, like never before done, like so unique that no one will believe me as they (you) read this!

and with no further adieu, This new perfume is named "VULVA.".......................


Yep you read it right, this german guy has actually created a perfume that smells like your girl's down south. Here's the website if you dont believe me. Be careful though, this is MOS DEF not safe for kids/work area's/public comps. 

soon to come, chocolate dong, sweaty booby, and girl who doesn't shower......lololol. jk, but come one now. Does he really expect to sell?????

well i know one person who might buy it.......You know who you are Eazzy....hahahah, jk jk.

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