Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aye baby girl!

So I was on my nightly safari through the internets [(c) Stephen Colbert] and I stumbled upon this article over at which was titled "Obama sorry for 'sweetie' comment"

Watch the comment being made, then hear the apology

I continued to read this article and could not help from laughing. Why is this such a big deal? Last time I checked, if you called a girl sweetie, especially in the tone he used it in, it doenst come off as demeaning. In fact its more endearing isnt it? I mean I've had people tell me not to call them ma'am, and thats understandable cus it makes them seem old. But whats wrong with "sweetie?" Does that make you seem too young?????? ahhhhh, this doesnt make sense.

Also, I know this is the presidential race and everything but every day I turn on the T.V. or read a news article, they are constantly pin pointing on something so small about Obama. I mean the thing he said about some americans and their habit of clinging to guns and religion........I didn't know it was cool to not tell the truth. Last i checked gun toting religious fanatics was just a way of saying Republican. Right?

After watching the clip of the video being made one comes to the conclusion that.....he was sincere. And the only thing that warranted an apology was the fact that he didn't answer the question. Which, if you heard the apology, he said he took care of and if she had any more questions - to contact him whenever.

Another stupid issue resolved.

Go vote in Nov please.

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