Thursday, October 2, 2008

Punchcard Promises - My plea for you to vote

Before you do anything....please watch the below video I found over at Yon's blog.

Ok, first of all, big ups to the celebs that came out and used their power of image to support such an important topic. Really, I commend them, they could have just easily not.

Second, this isnt a plug for/shot at any party. They spit the truth from recent events and as a means of motivation for yall

I have a lot of friends out there who aren't gonna be voting this election. It baffles me as to why not. They are giving up an opportunity to make their voice heard in regards to the highest office of this country and, in some respects, the most influential position in the world. Quite frankly, there really is no reason not to vote. I mean, It's not like you can vote for the president everyday. This is a right that had been denied to many and restricted to many more. After all of the effort put in to allow suffrage for all, to not vote would be, in effect, a slap to this countries history and everyone that worked to make this right available to everyone.

Personally I'm Excited as hell to vote in my first presidential election. and honesltly, yall should be too...whether its your first (like myself) or your 5th. Whether you rep the donkey or the elephant or.....whatever the independant party is. Go out in November and place your vote for who you think should be the next leader of this country.

You have until the 6th of october to register. So hurry!

You really have no right to complain if your candidate didnt get picked if you didnt even put your say into the debate to begin with. Just saying.



Abel Zerai said...

Wow I posted it first and I got it from 2dopeboyz you really need to do your background checks. (and who do you think sent it to yon)

Anonymous said...

LMAO! yons blog is thee best. haha

you got it from dopeboyz, yon got it from you, sammy got it from yon

its blogging networking at its finest