Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Electoral Sentiment

So as I was getting ready to go to bed, I was informed of a heated discussion that was taking place on the myspace message boards regarding this year's presidential candidates. Seeing that I don't have a profile anymore on myspace, I asked if the bulletin postings could be emailed to me, just for my own entertainment. What I read was something that was completely uncalled for, it went as follows:

"OBAMA= great speaker
HITLER= great speaker

both said what they needed to say to get where they wanted to get and then we found out all the lies hitler told, hopefully we dont make the same dumbass mistake those people did.."

Ok, now take a moment and take in the gravity of the statement.

Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Barack Obama(IL) being compared to one of, if not THE, worst leaders in the history of the world.

soley on the basis that they can both speak well. Excuse me? If you are reading this and are simply appalled by the statement, then you're not alone. By reading the statement one can only assume that the writer is trying to say the following things

- if you are a great speaker, and want to be a world leader, then you are like Hitler

I can speak pretty well, and so could Ronald Reagan......

Second - any politician who says "what they needed to say to get where they wanted to get" is a second coming of Hitler.

lol, in that case, leaders the globe over are Hitler 2.0's

Now hopefully this was just someone's idea of a joke. A sick one. But a joke nonetheless.

As already known I am an Obama supporter, and while I do not agree with everything he states, I do believe that his proposals are better for this country than those of Senator McCain (R-AZ).

This entire thread brings light to something that turns me off from political debate completely: People making wild/crazy/often offensive statements about one candidate or the other. Like I stated it could be a joke, which I highly doubt, or, more likely, people talking about issues that they are either vaguely familiar with or not at all. And this is what scares me about the outcome of this election. Too many people are going to go to the polls on the day in November and cast their vote for a candidate based on emotion/race/what the news stations said/who their friends(family) are voting for. That, that uneducated, borderline ignorant mindset is what is going to determine this election. At least in my opinion....which is the purpose of my blog

Thomas Jefferson's dream of a completely enlightened electorate is not close to being achieved if certain portions of that electorate still are thinking like this.

In closing, if your vote is going to be influenced by what I mentioned earlier....then you should not vote. If you're not smart enough to go out and do your own research and/or watch the many speeches and debates to form your opinion, your right to vote should be revoked.

Ok maybe not that far, but serioulsy people, this kind of slander isn't necessary and puts a serious dent in your intelligence level in the eyes of others. Simply put, that was dumb.

If I was to ask you what the economic/foreign policy of either candidate is in your own words...would you be able to answer? Exactly.

Good Night.

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