Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Never Heard The Bullet

Straight jacked from their Myspace page

I used to know a kid named Motaz back in my Oregon days and in someways I still "know" him by way of the great site that is Facebook.

Anyway, he has this band that is going around the Oregon/Washington circuits and making some noise at the same time. I finally gave his band/him a listen, and they can only be described by two words: Simply. Dope.

I'm not one to venture too far into the realm of rock music, but damn, if I hear good music, its exactly that, Good Music. At first glance they might sound like any other up and coming up band but, when you listen to their music you quickly realize that they are poised to be your favorite band's favorite band pretty soon.

The Members:
Motaz (piano/vocals)
Kaycee (Drums)
Tabor (Bass)
Jesse (Guitar)
Dustyn (Guitar)

Something that you realize when you press play is that...dude brings it on the track. Motaz's voice pulls you into the song and keeps you listening to the whole thing. His voice and piano work brings a refreshing splash of R&B to the otherwise straight rock song.

Seeing that I am going off their myspace songs, and that this isn't an official album review but rather an introduction of their music to the AZ market. I'll just drop the link to their page and let you go crazy with their songs and make your own judgment.

I Never Heard The Bullet's Myspace page
Motaz's Myspace page

Thank me later.

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Hola Jandito said...

If you like your homeboy's sound i think you'd like Minus the bear

Let me know what you think. Listen to Knights and The Game Needed Me