Monday, October 6, 2008


I Stack me Pringles.

haha, so recently I started started to buy and sell (excuse me, i should say trade) stocks. And that ish is HARDD lol. I doesnt help though that the economy is going down faster than........I'll leave it to your imagination lol

It's pretty addicting though....matter of fact, thats what i did at work allllll day. Just pretended to do work while I had Yahoo Finance up watching all my stocks go red and the DOW going down 800 points. To say the least....I was sad haha.

But, it was just one day...and lets all pray we get better if not for the country....but my portfolio lol.

And speaking of addictions......I confessed earlier to fellow blogger YonZaDon.....I am officially addicted to texting. I dont know what it is....maybe its the thought that someone out there is waiting for what I have to say.

or maybe its the feel of the keys on my fingertips, as they pound away on them.
or maybe its the sound of the keys getting tapped, almost like the sound of popcorn poppin in the microwave
or maybe its the fact I have unlimited and try to see if there is some hidden limit haha. ok probably not this one, but that'd be crazy right?

idk about yall but send/recieved i had 6700 last month.....i was like wtffff!! when i saw that on the bill. But at the same time, i was all proud and felt like I accomplished something with my life haha. Ive kinda set that as my next goal...the month I break that...whooooooo! That would be dopeeeee.

Oh god...this isn't gonna help my addiction, its like a sickness....I'm like a texting nymphomaniac

*texting pause, will be back*

Im sure people have gotten higher than that...but i dont care, this is like a game to me now. It's ON!

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