Monday, October 13, 2008

We going to the 'ship, WHAT! this was supposed to be posted earlier using my phone....but of course i had to press a button that deleted everything. I guess it was God telling me not to be stealing company time (read: the office episode last week season 5, episode 2)

It was a good weekend in football this past weekend. The Pats officially suck now, Atlanta is defying the odds and are 4-2, and the only clear cut power house is the Giants. And as I write this, they are having a tough time with the lowly browns. Gotta love parity!

My eagles came by HUGE for me. Dropping 40 pts on the 49ers...and that last Def. Td gave me the win in one of my fantasy leagues.....WOOOO!

The Cardinals also won in OT taking me back to the '98 Cardinal's playoff race. Damn, those were the days. Hopefully we can keep it going.

*I said that at the beginning of the year...but i just made if official*

We (The AZ Cardinals) are going to represent the NFC in the SUPERBOWL!! BAM!

And to all who disagree.....2 words.


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Abel Zerai said...

Office was hilarious last week...."I'm going to merge this friendship into a relationship" - Michael