Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Ahh, feels good to be back. I hadn't posted in a while and I'm sorry, I didnt mean to just ignore you guys like that.

I know how much you depend on me to get through your day.

Anyways, the ast week of school was hexie hard and I should be able to put up my Random Thoughts more often. Like today. Just for you. Free of charge.

andddd, lets take a moment of silence please. The AZ Cardinals just scored a TD to take a 14 pt lead in the third quarter...ON THE ROAD. WOOO!

I'm calling it right now. AZ cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game. Was that prediction bias. Yes, Yes it was. i really dont know what else to talk about, cus frankly I'm speechless. I went to go get some pancakes...and the panthers just tied the game in 51 seconds. WTF?

Never again am i gonna leave the spot on the couch in front of man's gift to himself, aka the Television, during a cardinals game again.

Unless Im gonna go get right now. Peace out!!!!

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n.a. said...

thanks for your subtle but not so subtle way of telling me you actually read my blog, sammy haha
i'll make sure to quote your stuff when i'm around you too now:]