Saturday, September 1, 2007

In Hip Hop I Trust

So over the last month, I have purchased 4 albums. Some of you out there are probably thinking I'm just wasting my money. Some of you out there think that my buying the CD's is the way to go. Whatever you think....I bought them. And you know what? They were seriously worth the money. The ones I bought were:

  • Common's Finding Forever
  • Talib Kweli's Eardrum
  • Aesop Rock's None Shall Pass
  • MF Doom's MM Food

The Common CD is by far the best one IMHO. When he put out
Be, I thought that he really out did himself on it as far as content and production. Let me be honest with you guys/gals (if there really is anyone reading these), Finding Forever is WAY better. This album is listenable from top to bottom and all the way through.

The first song is an intro, which is basically an instrumental building up. Just like the Intro on
Be, it is worth the listen but you can definitely skip it (I know I said you wont need the next button but its just an instrumental.....if you enjoy real music you will like it. If you are a n00b - well then you are a n00b) and go straight to the second song. All but 4 of the tracks are produced by his Chi-Town counterpart Mr. Kanye West. Even a beat by the late J.Dilla (aka Jay Dee) is present on the song featuring D'Angelo called So Far to Go

From songs about real life ideals to romantic common-esque songs to the ones of brute lyricism. Common's Finding Forever delivers and efficiently as well seeing that the album is only 12 songs long (which is a norm now for him). The guest spots on the album are very polished as well, the best one being the appearance of British singer Lily Allen on Driving me Wild. With the use of female artists from across the pond suddenly being the cool thing to do (i.e. Amy Winehouse and Natasha Bedingfield.......aight maybe not so much but still), Miss Allen's feature was on point. Kanye himself shows up on the Chicago Anthem Southside. I don't know if Kanye is saving all of his lyrics for his album but his appearance was actually NICE....when compared to most of his guest work as of late. As you go on, The Game is another gem on the CD only to be later upstaged by's a little snippet from it.

"He on the ground he could feel God touching him
He heard the sound of his moms sayin trustin him
At heaven's gate, saying please Lord let me in
Or send me back to tell my people to be better

D-D-D-D-DOPE......if I were to rate the CD from 1-10....It would be a nine and only because it is such a short length. ONLY THAT.

Go Cop it please.....seriously best 12-13 bucks you've probably spent in a while. You really don't need that extra World of Warcraft character.....enlighten yourself and listen to this album!

Some dreams get lost never to be found again" - Misunderstood

till next time...I promise the Talib review is coming....promise


Hieyam said...

yup finding forever as a really great album no lie... and i bet u wish others were reading this and not me huh.... but ma blog is 4 eng 102 i didnt write anything yet tho

Sutttt Up! said...

Wipe Me Down


Hot Drop Drop Top Drop Hoes Drop it Like it is Hot.

Dee Double you son

Dee Double you.

Anonymous said...

OoOoOoOoOo mister cd reviewer i must know which cd to get. Kanye West or 50 cent I really need your help. which do you choose? Can you please post a blog reviewing both and their impact on hip-hop in general