Sunday, September 30, 2007

Were Just Ordinary People

"In the adversity of our best friends we always find something which is not wholly displeasing to us."

--Duc de La Rochefoucauld, 1600's

I found this quote the other day while browsing some of my colleague's (just some random person) blogs here on the world wide web, and couldnt help to think to myself "And thats the way it should be."

I mean, think about all the times one little thing during, say, a Madden Match-up, a game of basketball, or even being on the same sports team. In all these situations one could become somewhat angry at another. Yet at the end of the day or when everything is over and done with, everyone is still friends. No hard feelings.

Its the times when people tend to disregard the past and focus on the present situation without thinking about the future repercussions, these are the times when friendships crumble, no matter how long lasting they may have been. Do to one parties or both are reluctant to come together and resolve......thus leading to hate.....opening the door to other feelings/issues occurring.

one things for sure. one goes through life making/losing many friends. through that journey though, you begin to realize who your real friends are. who is really like you, who really accepts you, who really will stand up for you. And these people are the ones who this quote refers to. A conflict between a friend is like breaking your finger. You can still function through the day with no problem, but occasionally that pain flares up and you feel it. It heals fairly quickly and doesn't come with after effects. A conflict with a good friend though is like breaking a leg. It takes a very lengthy amount of time to mend. Constantly in pain, prevents you from doing normal chores or makes them very difficult. And because nobody has the time to wait it out, It never heals right and you are left with a constant reminder of it through out your life. Those who resolve those conflicts with close friends (mend their leg correctly and quickly) will come out of the situation stronger then ever. And THAT my friends is whats really good.

But.......IDK, im just a young kid rambling about what little I say i know about life. what do I really know right?

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