Monday, September 24, 2007

Whats Good HOMIE!!

I haven't hit yall up with anything in a while.

Call me Stephen A. Smith cus quite frankly (haha, ive always wanted to say that) I didn't think any thing was worth enough to write about.

But, NONETHELESS, I do have some little thoughts that, i guess, I can put together to, i guess, make a new post.

Aight children.....Here we goooo

  • Britney Spears..... as you read that, I will bet that your interest jumped 10 fold. But sorry folks, just wanted to say WHO CARES. That shit shouldn't be news. come on now.

I will admit thought that type of colossal drop from pop princess to bald man was pretty funny.

  • Did Amy Winehouse used to be a know, before she went back to black....They tried to make you go to rehab......AND YO ASS SHOULD HAVE GONE, GONE GONE!
  • OJ Simpson.....congratulations. That's all I can say.
I even have the video of the robbery RIGHT HERE. WATCH IT!

wow. I cant believe they thought they could just steal his shit like that. ha, craziness all around.

  • peep game, did you know that Juice's (O.J.) girl cheated on him with some guy. OJ then went up to the guy and threatened to kill him.....ahhh feels like 1994 all over again.
  • 2 words............Hayden Panettiere
  • 2 more words.............Kim Kardashian
  • Ha, while we are on the subject. Vanessa Hudgens. yea the Disney girl. yea the one from that High School Musical. Ok Ok YES, the fine one. Decided to send someone some pics of herself. Naked ones I might add.
Now if you are a famous person. And shes pretty famous now cus of that movie. Wouldn't you think that something like this would happen. And if you don't know whats going on, her picture is all over the Internet now. Yes the nude one.

I have a feeling that half of my readers, (I'm assuming that there are more than one) just tried to search for that picture.

The funny thing is, if you have that picture, and you live in AZ, you can get 10 years in prison if someone snitches on you. HA, jokes on you cus, well, shes underage yall.

Those same people from above just tried to clean up their computers, haha.

  • Wu-Tang is coming back.
  • My softball team is 0-3.......

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we are making a comeback though. WE GONE WIN IT ALL YO!.....I hope :/

  • Why don't Rage Against the Machine have a Myspace? I searched for them the other day and couldnt find them. WHAT A SHAME! Tons of other broken up groups have one, why not RATM?

Until Next time, May the force be with you, don't go into a seizure playing HALO 3 all night, or for those that don't have it yet, in 2 hours and 20 mins.

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cardovilla said...

vanessa hdgens wasn't underage.

O.J. was framed for real. no joke.

and Do Work just aquirred themselves a brandon webb log as his defense kicks in some time...soon.

but seriously O.J. was set up by that dude...or what other reason would he have for recording the whole thing before hand.