Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Notch on the Belt

Concert Going Career consists of the following show's

1)Mos Def/Talib Kweli/K'naan/Jean Grey
2)Little Brother/Dilated People/
4)Kanye West/N.E.R.D./Lupe Fiasco
5)Erykah Badu/Roots
6)De La Soul
8)Roots/Gym Class Heroes
9)Q-tip/Cool Kids/Pacific Division/The Knux

Only names I'm missing are Jay-Z, Biggie, and 2Pac and I'd be set for life! haha.

The last one is the most recent one. And man the flyer only said that Q-Tip and the Cool Kids were gonna be there. So you have to believe me when I say I was thourghly surprised once the ever dope "ima f.a.t. boy, ima f.a.t. boy" hook started and the beat dropped and BAM! Out came Pacific Division. The crowd didn't know who they were and same goes for The Knux too. But they both came out and laid it down, amid little crowd involvement and REALLY Terrible sound. (smh at Marquee Theater)........on a side note, Big ups to 2dopeboyz for putting me on (i puttttt onnnnn) to Pac Div and The Knux.

Then the Cool Kids came out and did their thing. Although the mostly High School aged kids enjoyed this part of the show the most, it was only "cool" for me. Till they did the Black Mags song which is hella old but they were joined by the previous 2 groups on stage. So it made it dope.

When Q-Tip finally came on stage......he had a surprise guest with him (well, it was a surprise to me lol)...DJ Scratch! lol, damn that guy can DJ. His little 15 minute solo he had was niceeeeee!

But anyways....Q gets up there, realizes that the sound quality is horrendous (smh again) and stops his set for like 15 minutes until they finally got everything right. Which I'm happy he did cus it made his show even better. It was reaaaaal cool seeing a legend in the game still get hyped and going crazy on stage, he fed of the crowd (now mixed, old and young) and reciprocally we fed off of him. He even came down off the stage and started to interact with the fans by having someone finish a line mid song.

Case in point - During the song Check The Rhime he said:

[Q]Back in the days on the boulevard of Linden
We used to kick routines and presence was fittin
It was I, The Abstract
[Q doing Ps part] And me the five footer
And then put the mic in front of my face to finish it out with "I gots the mad styles so step off the Frankfooter"....but no. What did I do. I froze, completely blanked. Thank God it wasnt just directed at me, but the mic right there in my face made it seem like it was just me and Q *no homo* lol. To say the least I was embarressed and I know Q was disappointed, cus I was singing along with him the whole time! aaaahhhhhh, I'm sorry Q....Forgive me?

Ya'll already know though that when he asked to see all the bloggers hands go up....I made myself known. iRep TofaAA.

The show was real dope over all specially with 2K Sports giving away free shirts and what not (btw, smashed some kid in 2k9 with Kobe B and the Lake Show), we sat stood dead center in the front row....wouldn't want it anywhere else. Jk, that's a lie. I would love to be able to take a camera in there and snap away/record video for you guys....but alas, I do not yet have the credentials of a HipHopBlogger yet. In due time....In due time indeed.

As for concerts though....I think Im gonna take a little break for now, only really worth show coming up is the Wu-Tang one. And as dope as they were when I saw them earlier this year.....not really sure if I wanna see them again anytime soon lol *Jando knows what I mean*

Well, Till next time......

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