Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forgive me

I know it's been 10 days without a post. It's not like I've been trying to ignore your desperate calls for new posts, I've just been hexie busy with con me trabajo y escuela. Every time I think I have a little break, it turns out being just a mirage lol.

Anywaysss, I just had to jump on and say somethings for za fans, the followers of zis here blogggggg!

1) Lil Wayne's new mixtape (Dedication 3) came out the other day. As ya'll know, my love of his commercial music is minimal at best. Actually, its safe to say that it is probably at Zero.

His mixtapes on the other hand....I can listen to, atleast all but this one, which was "meh..." at best. Auto-Tune = OVERRATED! (you too Kanye). To be fair though, there were some songs that were dope, and weirdly enough, the best verse on the whole tape goes too....*drum roll*....Drake on the song "Stuntin". Yes, that Canadian Teen Star turned surprisingly dope rapper lol.

Then again Wayne did say this tape was to showcase his YoungMoney Crew more than to actually spit dope stuff.....sadly.

2)The Office is really starting to go through a lot of changes. Michael breakin up with Holly, Dwight trying to screw up the wedding between Andy Bernard and Angela, Oscar possible trying to get at Andy?? (lol), Kelly and the Temp gettin back together....ahhhh. I love this show.

3) SouljaBoyTellEm = the one greatest disgrace to his generation since probably......I dont even know. Anyone who praises slave masters should never be talked about again. And yet I am talking about him right here........Damn.

He won.

4) The new Suns = GREAT!!!

Hopefully this translates to some more emotion injected into them....get those W's! And btw, Shaq = a Beast.

5)I recently got an interview done by the people at Culture VI, interviewing a real dope underground artist. Masta Ace (a la Juice Crew, eMC). Most of yall dont know who he is. Matter of fact, 99% of anyone who reads this doesn't know who he is. But for all of you purists.....this is a real good interview. Enjoy.

Interview With Masta Ace - Culture VI

6) These guys over at The Real always produce pretty funny videos....but this one really takes the cake.

Gimme the Salute from jeff on Vimeo.


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