Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our First Time

Although it seems heaven sent//We ain't ready, to have a black president - Tupac

If only he knew how ready we really were.

I'm going off my blog from earlier.

By Our I mean our great nation called the United States of America.

All the trials and turbulation this country has been through, all of the conflict that many people were a part of, all of the questions of equality for all as stated in the Constitution, are about to come to the highest point in America's history. We are about to break a barrier that has been set above this nation's head for so long, impregnable by any who tried.

Until Now.

I do not want to get ahead of myself right now since there is still time and electorates left, but the way it looks like, we...WE are going to win this thing.

The first Black President is such a great accomplishment....beyond any words. But the path taken to reach this golden goal should also be noted as amazing. Obama brought together people of many walks of life, young and old, black, brown, white, and asian people, blue and white collar people....any type of demographic you can think off, AND even the crossing of party lines. Obama's campaign brought them together; unification of this country

My cousin, who before his untimely death, was the biggest Obama supporter of anyone I knew. The fact that he is not here with us to witness history being made is the only damper on the situation that is seriously incredible.

What do I feel right now. With the Democrats up 207 to the Republicans 135 in the race to 270 electorates, I am feeling a subduded sense of excitement. It's weird how I was so confident and yet so nervous. I can't explain it and I can at the same time haha. (stomach begins to flutter).

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