Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sleep is the cousin of....Getting a F

AHHH, man I'm taking this Supply Chain Management class over here at ASU (SCM432 for those that rep the maroon and gold!) and so far it seems like it's gonna be a lot of work but cool at the same time. Wierd. I know.

Were doing this simulaion right now where my group (aptly named Sammy's Group lol) is supposed to run a factory online for about 138 days. *1 game day = 1 human hour* And this thing runs 24 hours a day (human time).....yea, its gonna suck.

So its been like 5 (game)days and what seemed like a wack ass game has slowly started to become an obsession. ESPECIALLY since you can see what other teams's Cash Balances are. Im trying to get that Numba 1 SPOT Son!!!!

anyways, I can feel it slowly taking control of me kinda like what myspace first did to me, than facebook. Complete Domination of all my attention! I keep finding myself going back to it and trying to find something I can tweak to put us ahead.loool, im such a nerd.

Damn you LittleField Technologies. Damn YOUUUUUUU!!!!!

But i guess i can get some good out of this, it shows me that I've found what I really want to do when I graduate. Supply Chain Management is the way to go everyone....just thank me later.

Now back to whether I should increase our order quanitity or whether I should sell a couple machines off....maybe buy? ahhhhh!


Benjamin said...

yo sammy, i had the same simulation in my SCM300 class last year... stayed up til 3 or 4 every night hitting refresh every ten seconds to check the cash flow

EaZZy said...

ok be honest shadow, Whats more addicting that thing or meastpin?!?!?!?! lets be real now!