Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gotta Love It

Day 21 of Ramadan is coming to close and another day closer to Eid al-Fitr. Its crazy to think that 2/3 of the month is already behind us.

Anyways, with 4 tests coming up over at the good old W.P. Carey School of business and the tiring effects of fasting finally catching up to me, this coming week is gonna be a tough one not to mention work, a career fiesta (hey, i live in AZ) and 2 group projects. *sigh* thus is the life of a college kid doin work...

Here's a new cut from BoyzIIMen called 100%....yep, They are BACK!

BoyzIIMen - 100%

and here's another track, this one from Joe called Heart Behind My Eyes. It's good to see Joe come with some new stuff, he was dope back in the day and now He is BACK! lol

Joe - Heart Behind My Eyes

and one more for all of you guys. This last one is a new one (and a real good one) from my man Musiq Soulchild ft. Mary J. Blige called If You Leave. Enjoyyyy!

Musiq Soulchild - If You Leave ft. Mary J. Blige

Download each song by clicking the song title as always! Thanks to the Dope Boyz for the songs.

Man, with how the "rap game" is going right now, no one can go wrong with some good old R&B. And if you dont have that new Ne-Yo cd......go do yourself a favor and invest in some good music. Please, for your ears own good.

One can only guess what mood I'm in with these songs up here. lol.


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