Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 VMA's...?

My thoughts on this year's VMA' i think of them...just Sammy's Unadulterated Thoughts.

Russel Brand....go back to Britain....please. You killed the mood

Rhianna came out and did her thing with her somewhat ugly make up....but she's still beautiful

Let me say that again. Russel Brand is wack. It's the first time i've heard of his ass and his lil political speech is still bothering me

Lil Wayne (wearing what looked to be like pants a 12 yr. old girl would wear) came out and did "A Millie", that one song where he used that Nina Simone "Misunderstood" sample (P.S. Common's version was WAY better) and that T-Wayne joint. I'm gonna get my hater on and just say it was It was ok i guess. lol

Quick Thought - why does T-Payne wear those big ass hats?

Ciara was lookin hot.....i was confused, didn't really know what was going on.

After a little wikipedia search...I found out who this Russel Brand guy is....heroin/sex addict and alcoholic...former heroin/sex addict and alcoholic I should say. Im reading this article too about how MTV brought him in to give the VMA's a edgy/more volatile M.C. WOWOWOW, nobody knows who this guy is and they are just gonna be real confused. Stupid decision on thier part, no one is gonna get why he is there.
Some rock stuff is coming on....and I listen cus the Colts/Bears game is at halftime haha.

Oh Em Ge. Pink?? Where's she been all these...years? Am I right or am I completely out of touch with Pop Culture?

haha...LOL to SlipKnot and Fogal from Super Bad introducing the best Hip Hop Video. What a weird combo....and Fogal just announced Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" won best video. Over Lupe. I dont know what to say. And why Teddy Pendergrass (T-Pain) walk up with Weezy? They are taking that T-Wayne thing a lil too far.

Isn't T.I. about to go to jail? And he's performing on National T.V. haha, you gotta love this country! His performance with Rhianna tho was on point. No lying there, It was dope, She was dope! haha.

Just saw a commercial for Sears. Starring LL Cool J. Promoting his clothing line there? Then again Sears was the place to go 30 years know...when LL was on top of his game. haha.

Vanessa Hudgens just walked out....I forgot what i was gonna say. Oh god.

Christina Aguilera doesn't even have to try anymore, she definitely won the Christina/Britney 5 years ago. Her performance right now is just showing off. Come one C.A. go easy on Spears. We all know your the best! lol. **Note, why do girls continuously put on that dark eyeliner all thick. It looks soooo gross**

LOOOL, Brand just is making a fool of himself, wow, R.Kelly is gonna beat his ass soon, you heard it here first. I can just see it on

WHO THE F^*& IS TOKYO HOTEL???? Damn, that's like the 10th time I've heard their name in the past hour. And wtf? is the lead singer(?) a guy? It can't be. It is? oh man....he (it) looked like a Japanese geisha girl....

*is wondering how one gets his hands on an application to be Paris Hilton's BFF*

Oh, did I just think that out loud? Actually who cares...SIGN ME UP!!!!!

Thinks its hilarious that Britney is back. Did she not just shave her head and what not like 2 months ago? Its incredible what a top notch PR firm can do for you.

Ahh..there's my man Lupe. Rockin that Romanelli jacket that I could never afford and yet still day. Oh and tell my why these little side performances with Travis Barker on the drums and Kanye's DJ A-Track way better than the main ones? It really doesn't make sense.

What's this? Kid Rock performing with Lil Wayne?? and my ears aren't bleeding? haha, It's kinda tight actually. Mr. Carter should stick to this type of rock than do what he tried to do earlier in the year.

Toby...I mean presenting video of the year....all the nominees are people I dont care about.

and Britney wins....what a surprise? none at all. And its finally time for what I was waiting for.

Kanye West's new song from his supposed upcoming album. NEW SINGLE, G.O.O.D. Music is in the HOUSE. The song's called "Love Lockdown". Yea thats right, I knew that already. lol.

Analysis of this song = It was ok, lol. I just wanna hear the new record.

And I didn't mention it before but every single performance was described by Russell Brand as "magnificent".....and he seemed to have an affinity for Lil Wayne, which was kinda weird.

And he JUST called Britney Spears the "female Christ"......sure buddy.

Anyway the show was a complete waste of my time and has reaffirmed why I never watch award shows. My boy over at Just my Bookbag and Laptop just shot me a text that reads:

"...fuckin mainstream bourgeoisie culture I hate tat those folks make a lot of money to dick ride rich folks"
Took the words right out of my mouth my friend. And with that...Peace!!!

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