Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Was that your foot?"

I dont know why no one ever thought of doing this before but....when the ref is messin you up

Just kick him in the head!

After the ref stopped the match in favor of the Cuban Angel Matos' opponent, Matos explodes and shows why he is in the Olympics in the heavyweight Taekwondo event. What this picture doesn't show is that he kicked the shit out of another referee after this guy.

And apparently this guy is Swedish......either he's really an asian living in the land of Swedes, or that kick really jacked up his face lol.

Now the federation that controls this sport....what ever acronym they trying to pass a motion to ban this baaaddddd mutha for LIFE!

Can you believe this, the one time this sport gets any play in the media, and the guy is about to get banned from it. These guys need to go back and to school and cop a Marketing degree from Arizona State (woot woot!). They dont know a good thing when it kicks them in the face.

Pun intended.


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