Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Have Peeped Yet Another One....

WIth Downloading of music (lol hey!) being so prevalant nowadays getting your hands on a couple songs from Artist X's newest cd that has yet to be released isn't hard at all. Just pay a visit to your favorite neighborhood blogsite (shoutout to 2Dopeboyz!!!)

And so while I visit my most fav site other than mine (and facebook) I noticied that the latest victim to the complete distribution of their albums in the form of individual MP3's is none other LA's own - The Game

LAX has slowly made its way into my Itunes by way of daily downloads. And while I was looking forward to his album being really good....what am i talking about, its the game...he's always tight! haha, at least on occasion.

Anyway, Im not gonna put up all the songs that have been released, here's one of the cuts just to tease you. Of course from Dem 2 Boyz



click the song name to DL it. PEACE!

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