Monday, July 28, 2008

Kidz in the Hall - F*@# You Bobby Fresh


"AZ can't appreciate good hip hop. We're stuck in a molding that invisions hip hop as a chain glistening dub rollin machine"

Wise words from my boy Jando spoken during our converstation about the stupidity of the Owner of the clothing store "Livin in Hip Hop" and the Bobby Fresh Clothing line. In you, my beloved reader, don't know on Friday July 25 there was a fashion show at the local Cherry Lounge with guests Tyga and the (dope) Kidz in the Hall.

Yep yep, the first appearance by Naledge and Double-O in the Valley of the Sun went absolutely............TERRIBLE! From my sources, the main Patron (i see him all the time, yet dont know his name, ahh) decided it was cool to not pay the full amount owed to the, now extremely famous, duo from the Chi. Then he decides to dip out of the club without telling anyone and leaving the crew out to dry (no money, transportation, nada!)

then this is where comes in and fills in the rest of the details:

Although formal details have yet to be released, a reported eyewitness contacted HipHopDX over the weekend to claim that they witnessed group producer Double O in a physical altercation with several club owners and bodyguards. Although the source was not sure why the club staff was involved, suggesting it may have been from a dispute with another patron. The report stated, "After being grabbed up by one bouncer and put in a headlock, at least four other bouncers came over pulled Double O to the floor, and began kicking and beating him."

Following that, police intervened, arresting partner Naledge for what appeared to be taking pictures of the aforementioned beating. Rock The Bells reps told HipHopDX in Maryland that injuries resulted in Double O going to the hospital on Saturday. There was no additional information available on either Kidz In The Hall's present whereabouts or condition.

Can you believe this garbage....Seeing im a minor (but we major still lol) the venue was out of reach for me....but after hearing just makes me wanna move from here. Go to a place where good music is apprecieated.

*looks at plane ticket prices to LA/NY, then bank account, tears up*

RIP to my chances at seeing Kidz in the Hall "Driving down the Block" in AZ

ahhh, if only the Rock The Bells tour came to AZ......yea right, im stuck with "edgefest"!!!!! TOTALLY!!!

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