Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Hammer Time!

The Hammer Crew/TSF - No Tight Clothes

Someone actually took the time out and made a song.....then a video....and then SHIRTS!!! about not liking tight clothes.

what happened to the good old days when you would just not wear it.......see what the internet gone and did.

p.s. Im still laughing at the fact that they went out and spent money for this.....what do they think this is Stop Snitching? lol......paying that much attention to another man's garb is probably just as G(ay) to me as wearing tight clothes is to them.

Congrats! mission accomplished? Now a kid somwhere is gonna make a shirt like that and start another stupid craze that everyone is gonna blame hip hop for.

haha, i guess you can see its not one of my favorite vids. But it did make me crack up at how rediculous it is.lol.

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