Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Illegal Italy

With all this talk of illegal immigration here and the debate that ensues when the topic is brought up makes us forget that were not the only country that has this "problem".

Lets go half way across the world to the home of my favorite futbol club team Inter Milan....Italy.

Right now they are having their own problems with illegal immigration, not so much with mexicans like us here in AZ, that would be weird though lol.

Anyways, now they made it so that any illegal who gets arrested has to serve a sentance 1/3 longer than a sentance given to a legal citizen....

Now the question is - Is that going too far?

I mean should the fact that you are not in your country justify you having to go to jail for a longer time??...On the other hand. You are illegal. I dont know how they do it over there in Italy but if they tried to do that here there would be hell to pay!

There is one question that, although seems like its been beat too many times, remains to be asked. Are these new laws against illegals based off of a hidden racist agenda. Answer this...If these illegals happened to be of W. European decent, and were commiting the same crimes, something like this would have been passed?? I think not. But since they are African.....yea.

Now im not discounting the fact that, yes, these illegals are bad doing things in a country that they are not legal in, and that they should suffer the same consequenses.....the same. But there is just something that makes me question the motives of the Italians.

Just ask yourself this, if the canadians were the illegal immigrants here in America, would you be making such a big deal of it? Im not saying it should all be good and what not, we do need to watch our borders but, come on.

lol, just ahhhhhh right now.

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