Friday, July 25, 2008

Iron Mic is at it AGAIN....Volume 1 and 2


oh man, if yall missed the first installment of this classic high school cipher......YOU ARE A SQUARE!!

But since ima good homie, and like to help people out.......Here is the first Iron Mic show that spawned the career of a now youtube celeb and owner of his own clothing line:


the words LOL, OMG, HAHA, and probably LMAO.....or this one LLAH (haha, shout out to Akid)

but then when everyone thought that Iron Mic was never again going to rear its hilariously controversial head again.......that "head" pops out faster than Mr. Deeds butler, orr a horny adolescent, orr a idk, yall get the picture.

So without further adieu...I present to youuu - IRON MIC 2....Enjoy, no more comments from me suckas

OK OK , one more comment. Is it me or does Marv-O aka Marvolous seem a know...not normal? i mean he's rubbing dude's shoulders in the first video and then says hes feelin the two contestants in the second stil waiting for the customary "no homo"......tick tock tick tock....

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