Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Yo Name Is??

It went from Nigger....To Nasir....Now its called Untitled.

Whatever the hell he calls it, its gonna be real nice. Atleast based off the singles he's put out. His last album....matter of fact.....almost all of his albums AFTER Illmatic were somewhat underwhelming.

But with that in the past....We are now in 2008 waiting for this latest one to come out. With all the hype surrounding it. I mean, the name contreversy that he created with the first planned name brought so much attention to him that he better live up to it. So far it sounds like its gonna be but, the clothing that Kelis and he wore at the Grammy's this year pretty much solidified the fact that if this CD sucks, he will be forever remembered as stupid and whatever goes with naming your cd N I Double G E R. But, if this cd is really good....then he will be called a genius.

Let the games begin.

Here's some cuts from the album click the song name to DL it:

Nas - Sly Fox

Nas ft. Busta Rhymes - Fried Chicken

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