Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Before I start with my post...I would just like to add that Myspace is Rediculously Addicting. Just some FYI lol. Same with Facebook though. Cant forget about the book!

Alright, lets hit it!

Just got two dope songs from the man himself, Matt Conaway.

FaktsOne ft. Little Brother - "Grown Folks"

Fakts One has been in the DJ game for a long time starting in Boston and blowing up in the 90's. This song off his upcoming cd Long Range. All the production done by him with Little Brother providing some help in the lyrical department. I love the song haha. The flow is real dope and is just a niceeee bob your head song.

Culture VI ft. Royce da 5'9 - "Never Had A Clue"

THIS is HIP HOP! Big ups to everyone on the track, they all came correct! Who would have thought there could still be good music out there under all that Mainstream (beeeep)!!!!

I, personally, can't choose between the two songs. Listen and find out, yall won't be dissappointed.....YA DIGGG! lol.

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