Thursday, January 3, 2008

Today was a Good Day...............(pause)...............NOT!

SOoooo.....I got off drawer was off .30 cents.

I have to cancel work out plans to take my sister to practice....and later find out, the suns game (tickets provided by the team).......

I get the tickets, get to the stadium, only to find out the tickets are for 2 months from now. Dumb ass coach told us they were for today and my being a dumbass also, didn't check.

So then I call him up, he's in the arena already (at this point im like WTF??? and pretty pissed) and he tells me to just go to the box office and switch them for todays game and that they will let us do it. Im like ok, so I go to Customer service and explain the situation.

about a half an hour goes by where the workers are trying to figure out what happened, and then a sales representative explains to me that the YMCA....(stupid tempe)....was given two batches of tickets. One was for today, the other for March 1st. Somewhere in between the Sales rep giving the tickets to the Y (and telling them that they are 2 different games) and the distribution of the tickets to my sister and myself, the batches got mixed up..............WACK. (and now i a really pissed off).

I'm mad now for a couple reasons.

1) It would have been my little sisters first suns game and she was VERY excited about it. and to see the look on her face when they told us there was nothing they could do was pretty wack.

2) I had plans that I put to the side to take her to the suns game. I could have done what I wanted to do.

3) I wasted gas/time/money in this adventure. Luckily, the arena parking people were still there and gave me my money back.

4) I wasted gas/time/money

5) Screw you stupid YMCA of TEMPE

All in all, this week, which was a VERY good weak, was pretty much ruined by today. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow's Wu-Tang Concert will bring my spirits up. Until then GOOD NIGHT!

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Giang said...

i watched that game on tv it was kinda whack how they televised it... all vintage and shit.. I just wanted to see the game.