Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Im pretty sure yall have heard of 2girls 1cup and the gross nasty-ness that goes on in that realm of disgusting sickness. But its funny as hell at the same time lol.

I wonder to this day what those girls were thinking when they made that video? Did they enjoy making that shit (no pun intended). Honestly, haha, you cant tell me your reactions didnt go anything like this when you first saw it, or every time you saw it haha.

it might have even gone like this (big ups to who ever made this haha, perfect timing on everything haha.)

it might have gone like this for some of you........sickos.

but seriously, did they get aids/cholera/Ecoli/any other STD/virus from that vid, *shudders* eww...........haha.

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