Monday, December 24, 2007

Lil Wayne, TI, Jay-Z, Eminem, 2Pac

Aight now that i ensured that I will get a lot of hits with the title (lol), lets start the show.

Its coming close to the end of the year, a year where a lot of things happened not only to me personally but to the world as a whole. I mean, the WNBA isnt the only gay sports league.

George Mitchell pretty much ruined baseball.....not as bad as cycling is though....but who watches guys riding around in tight suits. Nope.

While we patienly wait for ANY Dipset member to be tight (and im not talking about Jim Jones' jeans). Some of the Harlem group's songs showed up on a Disney cd aptly titled "Disney Channel Hits"! WOW, way to go Dipset! Now every little kid will be able to relax to the tunes of Freaky Zeeky, Hell Rell, J.R. Writer , and the man himself, Cam.

Obviously someone at Disney thought it would be funny, to replace some Hanna Montana with that Juelz Santana, lol.

anyways...enough of that group thats "Fallin". oh gett it....Jay-Z's song Fallin, Dipset vs. Jayz, Dips really falling off............aight whatever, shut up.

I've now heard the new Lupe CD called The Cool (as if yall didnt know), and I swear I understanding something new every time I listen to it. SWEEEEETTTTT. What a way to end the year.

And Nas's upcoming album I cant wait for. Namely cus of its tentative name, which is "Nigger" (this should be interesting, hopefully he speaks on things that need to be talked about), but also cus of his last couple albums have been kinda wack. Don't get me wrong, some of the cuts on the past albums have been dope but

And on the non-music tip. I dont know about anybody else but I am SOOOOO excited about this upcoming election. Probably cus its my first time voting but the top 2 candidates in the Democratic party are a Black man and a Women. Crazy! Now just to wait for Nov, 2008.

As for this president, the "war on terror" has now taken 85295 steps backwards, starting from President Musharraf's Military/Civilian Power debacle and now with the People's Hero Bhutto being assassinated, the presidential election postponing in Lebanon, Turkey smashing on the Kurds in Iraq................ and on and on....If y'all thought it was hard in the past, Its gonna be mad crazy over there now.

Aight back to music now.....Ant+Atmosphere*Brother Ali=Dope ass music. Grassroots in a way.


Oh yea, watch this....

And this is ALMOST as dumb as Cam'ron's stint on 60 Minutes. It's not the whole video get the point.

HAHA, how the hell are you gonna try and tell people its real. STUPID PEOPLE!

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