Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tip-off Time BABY!!

The Vipers of the Division 1 third and fourth grade Jr. Suns League and now a whopping 0-2. Sad I know....but watching them is hilarious.


They will end up winning some games. There's this one white kid....could be like dirk, if he just set himself for each shot, a small black kid kinda like the Iverson, another black kid....kinda like a Earl Boykins (yea that small haha) and this other white kid whos basically the lebron james of the team and last but not least, my sister the Elton Brand/Ben Wallace of the team.

They got a beast line up, but the bench is Terrible with a capital TERRIBLE.

Hopefully they can turn things around. They won today but it was only a scrimmage against a D3 team.............yea, ok, whatever, its still a win. A good start in the right direction..........Hopefully, haha.

and again....GO VIPERS

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