Thursday, November 15, 2007

So Cool.

To start off......I would like to say the an album entitled "The Cool" by a hip hopper by the name of Lupe Fiasco is now only 1 month and 3 days away. PRAISE GOD!!

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Im seriously excited. Here's a song with video. His latest single called "Superstar" featuring Matthew Santos. Its been out for a minute now but just WATCH! AHHH!

Some say "its just a cd."

and I say "Shut up, your just a cd. The Cool is a CLASSIC waiting to come out, waiting to blam through your airwaves. The ridiculous flow caressing your eardrums, enough lyrical content to teach a university class. Its the COOL!!"

Thats what I would say, Real Talk(shout outs to R.Kelly) no exaggeration.

AND.....On to the show.

I watched this movie the other day. It was assigned to me in my sociology class for some extra credit (come to find out its for 2%, nice!). But I go and find out that the movie is in German........and I would have to read subtitles........thats seriously as lame as.....ha, idk, that just sucks.

anyway, on the eve of the due day I sit back and start the movie at 10pm MY time and watch this thing. 2 hours later, I wished it could have kept going! haha, it was such a good movie, I was actually glad I had to watch it.

After a while you get used to the fact that your reading and aren't as annoyed as you were at the beginning.

Anyways if yall get a change to watch the movie......its called "The Lives Of Others"

And if you got any sense of what is going on in this country in terms of the gov and how its operating. You'll see some correlations, its kinda weird son.

I'm not gonna tell you about it because it will defeat the purpose of you watchin it.....seriously....

Watch it.

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