Friday, November 9, 2007

GET 'ER DONE..........SON!

I Have A Dream INDEED!

So has officially been released to the public. Unfortunately, only the blog is up and running but rest assured yours truly (along with the cuzzo Scribe) will continue to put in work so that YOU, the fans, can finally know where to wander around at those ungodly hours when sleep is the least of your worries.

Me and Scribe will post quite frequently (don't worry, I haven't forgot about you all) so you will always have something to read up on.

and for those of you who don't really seem the "YoungBrotha" persona. DON'T WORRY! While its mostly an African American based site, there will be things for ALL people. WOOO HOOO

So go check it out now (there isn't much yet) and put it under your favorites. WE BOUT TO BLOW YALL!!!

Get up on that YB perspective.

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