Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ive Been thinking....

Sooooo....Ever since I went and saw the movie American Gangster, I've started to calling everybody i see. "My Man", I don't know why I cant stop, it's like an addiction now. And the fact that I'm trying to go see the movie again.......probbbbbbbably wont help that addiction.


Here's a couple things ive been meaning to write about.

There have been some crazy things going on in the world. Like the Pakistani President declaring the constitution moot and taking control of his country and pretty much acting as a dictator by imprisoning his political foes. Ummmm, WOW!

I don't know how much anyone cares but, as part of this country's government's "War on Terror" (since 2001), President Bush has given, over 10 billion dollars in aid to the Pakistani's. TEN. BILLION. DOLLARS. Mostly to their military so they can catch the ever elusive Osama Bin Laden. Well, we all know how much good that money has done because we have caught his main men and the man himself. Oh my bad, That 10Billion is straight out of your pockets in the way of taxes.

Oh wait, we haven't caught him? 6 years and billions of dollars later.....and we cant find the guy? I mean there aren't that many 6'6" people walking around over there in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

But I digress.

The President, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, has now given himself emergency powers and the law basically is what ever he says. Basically he is a Dictator now. The legitimacy of his re-election was going through the supreme court and on the eve of it's decision he canceled the supreme court. Haha, what a way to keep yourself in power.

The justification for this suspension of the constitution by Musharraf's people is that the country is in a "shaky security climate".

Ahhhhh, So now the Bush administration says that they are not going to stop funding the General's government even though he is exactly what the American government doesn't like, a Dictator.

Wait, we've been supporting dictators since the Monroe Doctrine to the School of Americas to Iran-Contra and now this??*** Gosh.

So as this plays out we will see if the General really does relinquish his powers as the parliamentary elections. And hey, maybe the recently returned from self exile Benazir Bhutto will come out on top.

***Just Google or Wikipedia those things If you don't know what they are.....


So I was surfing the internet (insert "cow-a-bunga" sound bite) and was journeying through the depths of of one of the best websites ever.....YouTube. Home of every video you ever want to watch. Except the type of videos that require you to make sure your door is locked and no one is watching (aka porno for all of you slow people). But anyways. I was watching a clip of the Lou Dobbs Show and he was talking about how President Gearge Bush, the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, and the President of Mexico Felipe Calderon are forming a Union with open boarders much like that of Europe.

It was conceived in 2003 with former leaders Vicente Fox and Paul Martin and current President G.W.Bush.


Upon further heavy research.......The Securities and Prosperity Partnership is coming into fruition. So why doesn't anybody know about this? Well, maybe the fact that democracy is thrown out the door when it comes to big business and making profits. I mean honestly, they have held meetings behind closed doors. The Commerce Secretary is giving talks in Mexico but news of this "NEW WORLD ORDER" that Bush Jr. calls it has barely received any light of day here in the states. I wonder why? Here are some clips about the issue.

Um, and money. Welcome to the the land of the AMERO. thats what the currency will be called when all this does happen.

Here is the website for the project www.spp.gov have fun with that and Fox news also reported about this too. But they said its not real and its just another conspiracy theory. But......
who can honestly believe what they say is fact. I mean the government even have a website up for the damn thing. I don't think you can just say its a myth......ahhhh Good old Fox News.

Big Ups to the Representatives and Senators who are standing up against this. It's now 2007 and the project is growing very fast. You have to be kidding me.

Wait, Your What?

Why is it that every time I meet someone and something comes up where religion comes into question and i declare I am a Muslim, i get puzzling looks and the statement of "oh i didn't know you were Muslim" or "Oh, your Muslim?" follows suit. After that there is an awkward silence where it seems like the person is tagging me with every stereotype possible for a Muslim. I'm expected to speak for the entire religion when one asks a question about why some people are doing bad things. Its hard enough being expected to speak for the entire black race (race is made up by the way, its not real).

I mean, does me being Muslim change the way you look at me? Recently I heard someone say "oh hes Muslim?"...................and? Does it really matter. I don't know why it does.

It's even more funny (as in ridiculous not comical) when you hear someone assume someone else is of the Islamic faith because of how they look or talk. HA, I really don't know what to say to that, I mean sure many Muslims are Arabs, but that doesn't equate to Every Arab being Muslim. It's like saying assuming every Catholic Priest is a molester because of some cases of that going on......Just don't judge....If anything, take that away.

And the previous statements don't just go for Muslims like myself, but for when anybody gives the little quip of "oh I didn't know you were......." about anybody different then themselves.

And on a WAY more positive note, Check for that Lupe, Wu-Tang, Ghostface, Nas, Scarface, J.Dilla, and DJ Hi-Tek cd's this 4th quarter and possibly the Three 6 Mafia and Beanie Sigel cd's too. I'm hyped SON!

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Anonymous said...

after all that beatiful insight i just have 3 observations. One observation per topic

1.What does it matter how much money we give, we would of given it up some way anyway.
2. OoOoOoOoWeeeeeeee i cant wait for that AMERO ahhh finally George Washington and a Maple Leaf back together.
i didn't know you were Muslim

if you excuse me i gotta go lock my door
(I'm about to embark on a night of full Season 2 Hannah Montana on DVD)